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5 Amazing Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas You Can Try This Fall

5 Amazing Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas You Can Try This Fall

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Fall is an excellent season for Goths because the crisp weather makes it easy to explore all those great fall outfits you have been waiting to try on. But what about your sleeping space? Have you ever thought of making your bedroom reflect a goth-themed design this fall? Setting up your bedroom to reflect your Gothic passion is a great idea, so you might want to try out; here are five ideas. 

Contemporary Goth 

Here’s where you aim to highlight the trends inside your bedroom. A great way to go about it is to replace the concept of using outdated furniture with something more contemporary. So you want to ensure that your bedroom furnishings are all modern.

Use tall, leather headboards, for example, and play around with a downlight for effect. You might want to experiment with other dark colours besides, but go all black when you are in doubt. Let the entire bedroom be covered with modern black furnishings, and you will have an awesome Gothic bedroom design. 

Victorian Gothic

 One of the most popular Goth fashion styles is the Victorian Goth, and you could also reflect this style in your bedroom this fall. To do that, you would need to get some vintage bedroom furnishings. So you want to get as much vintage furniture as you can lay your hands on. You may want to experiment with dark colours, and we'd recommend that you work with brown if you are tired of using black. You also want to stick to either four-poster beds or Victorian nightstands, or even both. 

Romantic Gothic

Now here is something exciting. Fall has specific colours that are associated with it: red, orange, green and beige. With this idea, you could mix the default black colour for something more romantic yet Gothic.

The trick is to blend these colours in a manner that gives off a romantic vibe. We recommend that you opt for ornate bedroom furnishings that you could spark up with a refreshing mix of red, beige or orange. Invest in some lighting that lends the bedroom a soft glow, and you are good to go.

Dark Gothic 

This is the default gothic style, and it should not be difficult for you to pull off. It's called the dark Goth because you will be looking to keep the bedroom as dark as possible. You might want to try out decorative furniture and drapery, but ensure they are all black(you can vary the shades for effect).

The All-Purple Bedroom

Purple is an excellent colour for Goths that know how to use it. Keep the wall, window blinds and ceilings in purple. You might use a few black pieces of furniture for contrast, though.You might also want to spice up the bedroom with some Goth-themed pictures and paintings 


There you have it! Above are some amazing gothic bedroom design ideas you can try this Fall season.  Your bedroom can also reflect your Goth style. We hope the ideas described in the article helps give your bedroom another sparkle this Fall. Visit our online store today for your skull bedding and other bedroom décor accessories. A wonderful experience awaits you!

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