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5 Amazing Gothic Living Room Design Ideas 

5 Amazing Gothic Living Room Design Ideas 

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One of the best ways to fully embrace the gothic lifestyle is to redesign the most important parts of your home to reflect it. To do this, you may need to change a few things or a lot – it all depends on your home's current condition and what you want to achieve. Here, we will discuss five amazing ways you can do it to transform your living room. 

Install the Appropriate Wallpaper 

Wallpapers provide the easiest ways to achieve gothic-inspired rooms. There are several designs on the market that will easily transform your living room to look just as gothic as you desire. There is a wide variety of patterned wallpapers to choose from. 

With wallpapers, it is easy and affordable to redesign your home to look just as gothic as you want it to be. You are at liberty to choose the colors and designs you want. Even if you desire extreme elegance and drama, it is pretty easy to achieve with a wallpaper that is flocked with a velvet texture. 

The Right Fabrics 

Your gothic home will not be complete without the right high-end fabrics. Some of the best materials to consider include silk, velvet, and satin. The essence is to achieve as much elegance as possible. 

The best types of fabrics for gothic homes are bold, dramatic, and elegant. It is all about making a statement with your curtains, upholstery, and other fabrics. You must ensure that the impression is of glamour and decadence. 

Go For Drapery Design 

There is a need to discuss drapery design independently because it can really make all the difference in a gothic living room. The fabrics to choose for draperies are not always a problem – it is more about figuring out the design that works best for the gothic effect you have in mind. 

You have to choose the right colors for your draperies. Of course, you have many options, but ensure you choose something bold and elegant. It is also advisable that you go for long and heavy drape panels. 

Go For Special Lighting  

The rooms in the old castles we all admire were not lit by LED light bulbs. Candleholders were popular then, and you can still get something similar today. Using the right types of candles can create the right atmosphere, but you can choose some modern light fixtures that are designed to look antique. 

Add Some Accessories 

Interior gothic design cannot be complete without accessories. The right accessories placed at the right places can easily transform your living room to create the atmosphere you desire. Some of the best types of accessories for this effect are ornate pieces with intricate embellishments. 


It is actually easy to design your living you the gothic style. With wallpapers, the right fabrics, drapery designs, special lighting fixtures, and accessories, you can achieve a lot in this regard. Remember to have fun with your design – it is all about what pleases you and works well with your gothic lifestyle. 

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