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5 Essential Features of Gothic Fashion

5 Essential Features of Gothic Fashion

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What is gothic fashion? When can you identify yourself as a goth, and how can you keep the vibe on at all times? There are several misconceptions about what being goth entails and what is expected from someone that has chosen the lifestyle/fashion sense. Even people who have been dressing goth for a while can’t really describe or discuss the features. Here, we will briefly discuss five essential features of goth fashion:


There is a common myth that goths dress the same way and listen to the same kind of music. Nothing can be further from the truth. The basic principle of being a goth is choosing what you feel is right for you. You don't have to be influenced by anyone unless you want to be. Self-expression is the most important thing, and it starts with the gothic person embracing individualism. You have to be the center of your universe. 


Gothic fashion is revolutionary, just like the gothic lifestyle. It doesn't have to comply with what society considers ideal. In fact, it can go against what everyone believes to be normal and still be the right thing for the gothic individual. Goth has always been a symbol of rebellion, and there is no need to deny that fact.

Artistic and Free-Spirited

For centuries, gothic fashion has always attracted artistic and free-spirited individuals. Goths are some of the most open-minded individuals, and it is tempting to believe that being goth drives creativity in some individuals. It is evident: the gothic community is never in a lack of creative individuals from artists to actors, designers, musicians, dancers, and more. The creative power of goths normally manifests in the way goths dress.


There are no standard rules when it comes to gothic fashion, but dark is considered ideal. In fact, black is the dominant color, and a touch of it can always help a goth keep the vibe on different occasions. Deep dark colors like purple, burgundy, green, blue, and others are also popular with goth people. The most acceptable materials include silk, denim, velvet, leather, and lace. You should also know that there are so many varieties of gothic fashion that it will be difficult to name all. The commonest ones include traditional, antique, Victorian, gypsy, vampire, cyber, steam-punk, fetish, western, tribal, faerie, and military goths.

Relevant Accessories

Gothic fashion is never complete without the accessories. Of course, goths love their accessories to the core, and taking it away from them will feel like taking their breaths away. Some of the commonest accessories considered an integral part of gothic fashion include eccentric hats, long gloves, velvet umbrella, skull rings, and other jewelry like pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. These accessories may be emblazoned with celtic crosses, skulls, dragons, bats, black cats, and roses.

Embracing the gothic lifestyle is far deeper than playing by some fashion rules. These are just the essential features of goth fashion; what matters most is how you feel. Skullflow offers you trendy goth outfits, including gothic clothing, shoes, pants, hoodies, caps, corsets, and more. Check our online store today to choose the right goth outfits and accessories for your style. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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