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5 Essentials of Gothic Style

5 Essentials of Gothic Style

Posted by Skull Flow on

The Gothic fashion style springs from the Gothic subculture, which is essentially about rejecting the mainstream and taking an alternative route. That explains the dark, mysterious, old-fashioned, and weird look that the Goth faithful always try to achieve with their fashion ensemble. Although there are multiple Gothic styles, there are common denominators that are evident across these styles. Here are 5 of them:

Goth Accessories

Nothing quite completes a Goth ensemble than the right accessories. So it would be best if you had a range of them in your wardrobe. That allows you to pull off any ensemble easily. The best part of these gothic accessories is that they do not have to be all black. Especially the jewelry. You could experiment with colors.

One other thing about Gothic jewelry is that it can be unique yet dynamic. With some of the jewelry, you could engrave anything you like on them. With others, you could encrust gems on them. It all depends on your mood.

Black Corsets

The corset has survived centuries of use and has evolved from a symbol of oppression to a delectable fashion item used by female Goths. Once upon a time, corsets were so tight that the wearer could barely breathe. These days it is used to highlight the female's hourglass shape. You can use black corsets to match various clothing items of different textures, designs, and colors. 

Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is a staple of the Gothic style because of the comfort and the air of mystery that it lends to any Gothic look. The beauty about the leather jacket is that it can be plain and still create the right Goth look. The plain leather jacket goes with just about any clothing item. In addition to the way they let you exhibit your fashion sense, leather jackets can also provide warmth in the cold months. 

Combat boots

Combat boots will never go out of style within the Goth fashion realm. You can never go wrong with a pair of combat boots because of the rebellious yet comfortable feel that they give you when you wear them. So, while they might look chunky, rugged, and ugly, combat boots go well with gothic dresses, skirts, and black pants. Black is the preferred color for combat boots, but you could experiment with other dark colors. 

Black Leggings

Black leggings have gradually become a staple in Goth fashion because of their flexibility. You can wear them for different occasions like work, shopping, studying and everything in between. For instance, black leggings can be matched with a blazer for work while being paired with a pair of combat boots for a visit to the mall.


The clothing items described in the article are must-haves for folks looking to dress like Goths regardless of the style. If you are new to the subculture, now you know where to start from. Your goth accessories, black corsets, leather jackets, combat boots, and black leggings are just some of the essentials you need to achieve your gothic style.

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