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5 Goth Fashion Tips to Make You Stylish This Spring

5 Goth Fashion Tips to Make You Stylish This Spring

Posted by Skull Flow on

The Goth fashion style (especially in the colder months) is typified by thick fabrics and darker colors. So it is natural that you might be concerned about how to pull off a Goth look in springtime. Especially as the warm weather makes it illogical to wear certain clothing items and dress in a certain way. So how do you manage to look stylish during springtime? Read on to find out. 

Choose The Right Clothing Material

 When shopping for clothes, you want to go for “breathable fabrics” like cotton. The reason is that since the weather is a bit warmer, you will be needing fabrics that allow air to circulate more, thus removing the heat and making you more comfortable. Avoid clothing items made of nylon, for instance(no matter how good they look). Instead, stick to cotton and silk. It is bad enough having to wear black when the weather is warm, so why wear fabrics that make you feel hot. 

Keep It Simple

Most Goths love to put on layers of clothing. In springtime, you want to keep it simple. Take it easy with the layers because springtime is not the right time for that. Try to keep it as light as you can. If you must wear more than one layer of clothing, keep the layers light and airy.  

Stick To Loose-fitting clothing

Springtime is the period to wear clothing items that hover over your skin instead of clinging to it. Steer clear from tight-fitting clothing because it will make you sweat more easily and increase the possibility of body odor. And you don't want that, right? One way to pull that off is by opting for loose-fitting gym wear because of how comfortable they make your skin feel.

Try Some Other Color

Black is the staple Goth color, but there is nothing wrong with incorporating some other colors now and then. It's springtime, after all, so being a tad bit colorful is a great idea. Just be careful not to overdo it. 

Use the Right Makeup

Now is the time to go light on the makeup. Like with the clothing, reduce the layers of makeup. Of course, you could still experiment with the colors but avoid laying on the makeup. Aim for using more than one layer. You also want to go for the kind of makeup that can repel sweat. That way, if you sweat even with the thin layer of makeup, the sweat does not smear the makeup.


There you have it! Above are some insightful gothic fashion tips to make you stylish during spring. In order to bring out the gothic fashion style in you during the spring season, it is important that you choose the right goth outfits, keep things simple, and try out different colors. Also, you should stick to loose fittings and use the right makeup. 

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