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5 Gothic Fashion Tips to Make Sure You Always Look Stylish

5 Gothic Fashion Tips to Make Sure You Always Look Stylish

Posted by Skull Flow on

Gothic fashion has earned a reputation for itself (good or bad) over the years. You probably became a Goth because you got caught up with the allure of the elegant yet weird look that characterizes Goth fashion.

That said, how do you always look stylish as a Goth? If Gothic fashion is essentially about creating your fashion vibes, how do you manage to look great every time? Here are five tips to help you achieve a stylish Goth look all the time.

Mix Things Up a Bit

Everyone and their mama knows that Gothic fashion revolves around the black color: outfits, shoes, hair, accessories, and even makeup. Now that can become dreadfully boring even for a Goth. So what to do? Mix up the colors a bit. A little dash of crimson, royal purples, beige and different shades of green can make your outfits a whole lot more interesting. Try some contrast with the colors, too, and you get a wide range of fashion items to explore. Few things scream Goth as much as a crimson hairdo on an all-black Goth outfit.

Simplicity is Classy

Keep your Goth outfit as simple as possible. So what if the Goth fashion ethos is all about exploring angles and wearing all the weird stuff no one has the guts to try. Sometimes you need to do something simple. You don't always have to dress to kill. A simple T-shirt on jeans and some regular platform boots can do wonders too. 

Pay Attention to the Fit

Some folks are into oversized clothing, and all but an outfit that compliments your shape will go a long way in setting you apart from the crowd. So you want to pay attention to the fit of your clothes. You might even need to get a tailor to make some adjustments. Poorly fitted clothes are a no-no if you are looking to stay stylish all the time.

Don’t Forget About Your Comfort

An essential part of staying stylish is comfortable in whatever you choose to step out in. No matter how expensive or classy that outfit looks, you can't look your best if you are uncomfortable. So you must never forget to opt for clothing items that you feel the most comfortable in.

When you dress up in outfits that you are comfortable in, you exude an aura that enhances your overall look.

Experiment with Your Footwear 

Black boots are a staple for the average Goth outfit. But did you know that you could switch things up by experimenting with your footwear? How?

You could opt for platform boots (depending on the weather)instead of the regular chunky boots with studs and chains. If platform boots are not your thing, you could go with ankle boots or any footwear you are comfortable in.


There you have! Above are some gothic fashion tips to ensure you always look stylish. Staying stylish 24/7 as a Goth can be tiring if you haven’t mastered the tricks behind it. Apply as many of the aforementioned tips as you can and see how it goes for you. 

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