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5 Gothic Office-Wear Ideas That Are both Smart and Stylish

5 Gothic Office-Wear Ideas That Are both Smart and Stylish

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Have you ever had to worry about how to pull off your Goth look at the office but don't know how? Well, that's a headache for most Goths because of the challenge in blending two opposites: the weirdness of the Goth style with the formality of a business environment. 

Thankfully, there is a way around blending the freedom of Goth fashion with the etiquette of a working environment while still looking smart and stylish. Here are 5 ideas that could help you. 

Pay Attention to the Colors

As a Goth at work, you can never go wrong with a black jacket or a blazer. The thing is, wearing black blazers or jackets every day of the week might not cut it. There is a tendency for the all-black ensemble to lose its power after a while. Especially if that's the only color you rock to work.

A great way around this would be to try a charcoal, grey, or tan blazer or jacket. Either of these colors is dark, and they can offer a refreshing alternative to your black jackets.

Go Retro

Class they say is permanent, and so you might find that some retro outfits might just make you look a lot different at work. You just need to understand what applies to your workplace culture, so you don't end up looking goofy and all at work.

That said, some great retro clothing with long hemlines and high collars can still look smart and stylish at work if you manage to pull it off.

Explore Your Imagination

The great thing about being a Goth is that you can experiment with just about anything and get away with it if you can manage to pull it off. The same principle applies to rocking menswear at work. You might need to switch things up with statement buckles, moon prints, or even the regular waistcoat. You are a Goth, after all, so you might just be able to pull something off. You could also put a color and style twist to the regular workwear: trousers, shirts, blazers, dresses, and midi skirts.

Use Accessories for Effect

A lot of folks underestimate the power of accessories. These fashion items have a way of enhancing any fashion look once you use them the right way. So one way to look smart and stylish at the office in your Goth outfit is to use the right type of accessories.

However, it would be best to be sure of your company's dress code before you get into this because some places are less strict than others, so certain accessories and outfits might work there and be rejected in others.

Play Around With Fashion Items

Did you know that you could incorporate some lacy shirts or fishnets into your corporate outfit? All you might need to do is add sweaters, vests, cardigans, or leather jackets.


There you have it! Above are some fascinating gothic office-wear ideas that are both smart and stylish. As someone who is passionate about Gothic fashion, you can also wear some of your goth outfits to work. With the tips above, you can look stylish and smart with your gothic office-wear. Check out our online store today for some amazing gothic outfits, skull clothing, and accessories.

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