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5 Gothic Party Outfits for Women

5 Gothic Party Outfits for Women

Posted by Skull Flow on

Do you want to explore your dark side? Why not swap your plain and bright colored outfits for edgier ones, or better still, rock that party with a gothic appearance! Gothic outfits are commonly known for their dark, antiquated, and vague features. Gothic fashion is typically characterized by dark outfits, dark lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliners, and dark hair. Gothic fashion has always been in vogue as some celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Manson have explored their dark sides with this clothing style. You too can achieve that Gothic appearance. Here are five Gothic outfits you can wear to a party.  

Victorian Goth

Victorian Goth style is popularly known for its elegance, luxurious and graceful appearance. It involves beautiful lace garments, classy hairstyles, and corsets.  Victorian Goths aim to appear like the wealthy with their large ball gowns. If you want to appear elegant, you can fulfill your desires with the Victorian Goth outfit and tidy up your looks with long gloves and jewelry.

Gothic Lolita

Who says you can't be fashionable when you dress like an innocent young girl. "Lolita," popular among the Japanese, implies a young-looking lady. A touch of innocence combined with dark fashion gives you the Gothic Lolita look. You can rock this style to a party if a young and innocent appeal is your intent.

Fetish Goth

If you are a lover of body-contoured leather and latex outfits, you can rock this outfit. Fetish Goths express their choices and sexuality through their dress, choice of music, and behavior. If you feel like you need to explore your inner self, dress up like a Fetish Goth and finish your look with corsets, chokers, bracelets, high boots, and fishnets. 


Steampunk involves a combination of elegant classical medieval fabrics and materials from dystopia. More like duster coats fused with bronze accessories. A typical Steampunk outfit is large dresses, big skirts, trousers, and jackets with boots, hats, corsets, and gloves. These outfits can be adorned with copper, cogs, bronze materials, and wires. If you enjoy combining Victorian literature with science fiction to create fantasies, then you can rock this outfit. Finish this outfit with smokey makeup like a Victorian Goth.

Cyber Goth

If you love the wild appearance, you can embrace the Cyber Goth outfit. Cyber Goths are easily recognized by their neon-colored outfits, chains, body piercings, voluminous hair, tattoos, dreadlocks, goggles, and gas masks. They are a little more extreme in fashion choices. These radical dressers also enjoy combining neon colors with other bright colors like green, orange, blue and purple. Cyber Goths prefer loud makeup, and they use eyeliners to draw patterns on their eyes, although not all the time. You can rock this look to a party if you love to stand out from the crowd.


There you have it! Above are some awesome Gothic party outfits for women. Gothic outfits aren't as frightening as they seem. You can get creative Goth party outfit and have fun wearing what you love. Check out our online store today to choose a gothic outfit, skull clothings, and accessories for your next outing. 

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