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5 Gothic Trends to Watch Out For In 2021

5 Gothic Trends to Watch Out For In 2021

Posted by Skull Flow on

Trends have become a common thing in our society. Every year, fashion enthusiasts embrace new, trendy outfits. When it comes to trends, Gothic fashion isn’t left behind. Gothic influences are everywhere; Gothic fashion culture has made considerable strides over the years, gaining more prominence as time passes. Let's consider five gothic style trends that are most likely to surface on the fashion scenes and gothic culture for the next year.


Chinese Street Style

Over recent years, people on social media have become obsessed with the Chinese street style. The Chinese street style combines some details from the Japanese Lolita, Punk, and the American street style. The pliability is what makes it more appealing to modern goths. You can make your own distinct style by integrating different pieces unique to the culture, such as traditional Tibet dressing. To expand your horizon this coming year and incorporate this trending style into your gothic dressing.



The use of Capes would be huge next year. If you can maneuver the spectacle it brings with it, you should add it to your closet. Most capes are huge and lengthy, while some others are low and loose. Detailing your capes using leather, for instance, are popular and has the ability to give your style a more contemporary, customized look. Undetailed capes look very conventional. Think about the possibilities.


Gothic Face Mask

We find ourselves in a world dealing with a Pandemic that has killed millions. The use of masks is made more popular nowadays due to worldwide mandates on wearing them. Masks can be super elegant if incorporated right! And you'd trust goths around the world to find a way to incorporate the use of masks into their original gothic culture. Expect the use of masks by goths to be mainstream in 2021.


Black Lipstick

The final touch on every goth look is black lipstick. Black lipstick was not generally a fashionable subject for goths; as the traditional color of lipstick for goths were darker purple and frosty pink. The movement can be traced to the Jenner's sisters because they first exhibited the black lipstick on themselves in the late 2010s can be credited to this theme. Well, the fashion trend is growing in a big way to watch out for it next year.


Black Lace

Black lace gives the impression of a sharp yet feminine look that can never be astounded by red carpets or runways. Well, the fashion trend is back in a big way, thanks to Kim Kardashian-West, Dakota Fanning, Bella Hadid, and Cara Delevingne, among others.



There you have it! Above are some Gothic trends to watch out For In 2021. Over the course of the year, you can expect some goth outfit to become obsolete and will be replaced by new and more fascinating styles. Find a way to incorporate all five in your collection, and stay updated to the goth fashion trends that would most likely be made mainstream for the year 2021. Try not to be left out!

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