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5 Important Rules for Wearing Gothic Outfit

5 Important Rules for Wearing Gothic Outfit

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One fascinating thing about the Goth fashion scene is the plethora of Gothic styles that you get to choose from. But guess what? There is more to just putting on different pieces of “weird” looking outfits and calling them Gothic. Like all fashion styles, the Gothic variety has its do's and don'ts, you know. So if you are looking to make a hit with your Gothic outfit, here are five important rules for wearing gothic outfits you should know. Read on. 

Choose the Right Outfit

Here are some tips to help you achieve this. Get T-shirts, fishnet stockings, graphic prints, plaid, and loads of distressed clothing if that's your thing. Your research should be on the types of Gothic styles: cyberGoth, steampunk, Victorian, etc. When you have selected the style that suits you, picking the right clothing items that you can assemble into the right Gothic outfit becomes a walk in the park. Although black is the poster color for Goth culture, remember to include your favorite colors.

Pay Attention to Your Accessories 

What's a fashion style without the right accessories? Paying attention to the accessories you wear is one rule that you mustn't overlook if you are interested in pulling off a stunning Gothic outfit. So you want to make sure that the accessories you wear match the particular Gothic style you are trying to explore. Pay attention to how you use stuff like hats, chokers, wristbands, and pentagram jewelry, among others. Skullflow offers you trendy skull jewelry and skull accessories to complement your goth outfit.

Look the Part

Depending on the Gothic style you fancy, you might have to do something with your looks. Nothing too extreme, of course. Aim for something that, at least, makes your outfit look a lot more realistic. To pull this off, you might want to try dying your hair and playing around with your makeup. Some folks take it as far as working with Mohican hairstyles, dyeing their hair, and even piercing their septum.Do what you are most comfortable with and remember to go for a look that matches the Gothic style.. 

Use the Right Footwear

Understanding the Gothic styles is key here. This will help you make the right choices regarding the footwear part of the outfit. Ankle boots and platform boots are best suited for a particular Gothic style, just as those big boots are best suited to another. Then again, creepers have their place and time too.

Be Willing To Experiment

This one of the cardinal rules of the Gothic fashion scene. Why? Because Goth culture is about individuality and uniqueness. So once you understand the basics of the Gothic styles, try as much as you can to experiment with clothing items, colors, accessories, and even footwear. When you get it right, you will be able to pull off a “wow” effect wherever you go. 


The rules you just read about should help you come up with a Gothic outfit that turns heads wherever you are. Thankfully they are easy to follow and might not require irreversible lifestyle changes, so why not try them? You will be glad you did. Check out our online store today to choose an outfit that matches your style.

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