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5 Must-Have Goth Clothing Accessories For This Christmas

5 Must-Have Goth Clothing Accessories For This Christmas

Posted by Skull Flow on

Christmas is everywhere – on our televisions, on the decorations in the streets. Everyone is thinking about getting wine and bonfire night while all you really want to do is fill your wardrobe with goth clothing and dark Christmas makeup. So, how do you celebrate Christmas in a Gothic fashion way? Here are five must-have Goth clothing for this Christmas. So sit back, grab a cup of wine and read our guide.

1.    Corsets

The Victorian era inspires goth clothing. Corsets are a great way to define your body, as well as being pretty and elegant this Christmas. Although the corsets we put on today are not like the Victorian ones, but people still love them. Corsets can still be a perfect addition to your goth wardrobe even if your corsets aren’t made with steel bones or whalebones. It would be best if you have a corset, so get yourself at least a couple.

2.    Skirts

You must have at least one long black skirt in your goth wardrobe when thinking about Gothic dressing this Christmas. Not all gothic clothing is meant to make you look like a royal princess. You can get skirts that match your waist cinchers and corset. Pencil skirts are also very common; you can wear boots, as well as high heels with it.

3.    Boots

Boots are also an essential part of gothic fashion. No goth doesn’t own at least one pair of boot whether you choose a Victorian-inspired look or a more Industrial goth kind of look. Heel boots, flat boots, or platform boots are perfect accessories for any occasion, and your gothic look will benefit for it.

4.    Lace

Lace is classic, it's Victorian, plus it is a fashion staple for Vampires. It’s mandatory that you get red, purple or black lace. Lace prints also count, when you find a lace print, hold on tight to it, sometimes they are better than real lace.

5.    Skulls, and Skeletons

People used to put on skull jewelry when they were mourning during the 19th century, so gothic follow the traditions and customs of that era because they have their roots in the Victorian era. Goth people wear skulls on their clothes because one day, we’re going to die. Skulls head and skeletal design are guaranteed to set you apart and add a little spice to your look this Christmas.


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