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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Goth This Summer

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Goth This Summer

Posted by Skull Flow on

The Goth fashion style emerged from a need to explore the limits of life without conforming to social trends. Sometime in the early 1980s, it became more prominent and has become one of the most trendy alternative fashion styles in the world.

But enough with the history lesson. It is summertime, and you are probably wondering what being Goth has to do with the summer. After all, Goth fashion is often dark, mysterious and is mainly associated with winter and autumn.

You are right. But if anything, summer is a great time to go Goth. Here’s why:

Explore the Limits of Fashion

The Goth subculture is more than just a way of thought that uses dark clothes, crazy hairstyles, and brazen mascara. It is calculated defiance of socially accepted fashion norms and such. Summer is associated with a boisterous spirit busting at the seams and is willing to take on some adventure. So while shopping for summer apparel, try to shift towards clothing items that lean towards the alternate and are different from the regular.

Dare To Be Different

We all have some part of us that wants to unplug from society’s norms and trends. Well, with the Goth fashion, you can explore that side of your personality. Going against the grain isn’t so bad as long as you are not deviant or destructive with it. And how else to revel in being your unique self than in your fashion style. Let this summer be an opportunity to celebrate your individuality.

You Get a Chance to Stand Out

People are used to the brightest apparel and accessories during the summer. Getting dressed in summer Goth outfits is bound to make heads turn wherever you are. Imagine wearing some Skull jewelry on some clothing outfit that is a blend of black, neon, and pastel colors? Or maybe you opt for some taxidermic jewelry on black pleather skirts (if you are a girl), some oversized, purple sunglasses, and some steampunk accessories when you step outside to hang out with friends.

Become Part of Something Bigger Than You

You could use this summer as an opportunity to get involved in a movement that opts to challenge social norms. Regardless of the type of Goth fashion you opt for, you'd be making a fashion statement that lends a voice to a movement that has been around for decades.

Try Something New 

Aren't you tired of dressing in the same old attire summer after summer? Going Goth allows you to do something different this year. If not for anything but for the fun of trying something different. 


We all need a breath of fresh air, and the summer presents that. Better still, exploring the Goth fashion style is a great way to get in the summer spirit of adventure. Check out our online store today to get your gothic clothing, jewelry, and accessories for your summer wardrobe. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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