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5 Tips to Stand Out This Summer As a Goth

5 Tips to Stand Out This Summer As a Goth

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The traditional Goth fashion style tends towards black/dark colors and weighty fabrics that help cope with the cold. But it's summer, right? It's sunny and hot, so there will be a need to opt for a style change. Here are a few tips to help you stand out while alternating your Goth style for the summer. 

Keep Your Hairstyle Simple

Part of the Goth fashion style is an elaborate hairstyle. But with the heat from the sun, the possibility of you having a "bad hair day” increases with the more elaborate hairstyles.

What to do? Keep the hairstyles simple. If you must be adventurous with your hairstyle, don't go overboard with the hair products and all.

Pay Attention to Your Outfit

Black might be your go-to color, but you might have to opt for something that absorbs the heat a lot better. But if you must wear black, try the Sport Goth look. Most modern sportswear is made from fabric that handles sweat well.

If sportswear is not your thing, then you might have to opt for outfits that do not require too many layers. If there are to be layers of clothing, then keep them thin and light. Keep your clothing loose.

Choose the Accessories Carefully

Keep the accessories to a bare minimum. Yes, everyone will be wearing a ton of accessories, but you are trying to stand out, remember? Also, the weather is hot so reduce your chances of being drenched in sweat by sticking to only those accessories that count. Avoid scarves or heavy gloves and be as picky as possible with the jewelry. The fewer accessories, the better. 

Experiment With The Nail Polish

You could modify your appearance this summer by doing something different with your nail varnish. Instead of the black nail varnish that is so popular with Goths, why not try some other dark colors like charcoal, maroon, or deep green? They will look great on your outfit, plus these colors are a breath of fresh air from the regular black that everyone is used to.

Do Something New With The Makeup 

The perfect Goth look is incomplete without the right makeup. But here is the thing, if you don't want to go light with makeup, you could opt for waterproof makeup designed to handle the sun and the sweat that comes with the summer season. It's a win-win situation since you get to look the way you like without having to worry about your makeup getting messed up by the sun. 


Looking great during the summer does not have to be challenging. You could still pull off an excellent Goth look that stands out from the rest of the pack once you know how to go about it. Use the tips shared in this article to stand out this summer. Check our online store today to choose the right goth clothing and accessories that will help you stand out this summer.

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