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6 Amazing Gift Ideas for a Female Goth

6 Amazing Gift Ideas for a Female Goth

Posted by Skull Flow on

Are you confused about getting that female Goth in your life but don't know what to get her? Getting a “regular” gift is tricky enough. So getting a gift for a female Goth would be twice as tough, especially as Goths are often known for their weird lifestyle. We understand your plight. That is why we have come up with some fantastic ideas to help you get the right gift for her. Read on to discover more!

Metal Dragon Earrings

This is a great gift to get that female Goth that is close to you. The Metal Dragon Earrings have this mystical feel about them that stirs up memories of fables and myths. She should like them if you get them. Few lady Goths can resist that antique dragon look, plus it comes in three great colors: gold, silver, and black. They are an excellent addition to any female Goths collection of accessories because you can wear them to red carpet events or a bar.

The Coffin Purse

Here is another great gift item that she would appreciate. This particular gift item comes with an attachable chain shoulder strap. It also comes with a lot of space. Imagine having enough space for an ID in addition to a zippered pocket that is designed for cash, cards, phone, keys, and even lipstick. 

Angel Wing Love Heart Necklace

The Angel Wing Love Heart Necklace is one great necklace to gift a female Goth. It comes with a red heart-shaped crystal that is draped in gun black plated angel wings. You needn't worry about allergies as this is one hypoallergenic necklace that is also free from metals like lead and nickel. 

Skull Compact Mirror

Everyone knows that ladies love their makeup. Makeup is also essential to the Gothic ensemble. So that means that your female Goth would greatly appreciate a skull compact mirror because it will ensure that her makeup stays sharp all the time. This compact mirror has that Gothic feel to it that makes it a great gift.

Black Galaxy Bath Bomb

Ladies love their bath time, even female Goths. So you might want to do something different with bath bombs. One great bath bomb with a Gothic essence is the Black Galaxy Bomb. It is a fun bath bomb that is designed to turn bathwater black. It will add some fun to her bathing experience and something. 

Gothic Tattoo Lace

Now, this is one gift item that any female Goth should appreciate. It is a set of ten pieces of black velvet choker necklaces. The good news is that it comes with an adjustable length that allows you to set the chain just the way you want. Here’s another plus. The ten choker necklaces reflect different styles like classic, velvet, with pendant, gothic tattoo, lace, and vintage Lolita styles.


Now that you have some great gift ideas for that female Goth in your life, why don't you get her something nice? The good news is that they are all affordable too. Skullflow offers you chic and stylish skull clothing, jewelry and other goth accessories that you can give as gifts to your female goth friends. Check out our online store today!

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