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6 Gothic Bedroom Ideas to Freshen Up Your Room During Spring

6 Gothic Bedroom Ideas to Freshen Up Your Room During Spring

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Do you know that you could extend your Gothic fashion style to your bedroom? Just as putting together a great Gothic ensemble can have a "wow" effect; you could also give your bedroom a dark, mysterious atmosphere. Let's take a look at some ideas that could help you get it done. 

Use Wallpaper

You must include wallpaper if you are looking to pull off a Classic Goth look in your bedroom. Thankfully there are different options to pick from, whether it is wallpaper with a mix of brocade textures and patterns or flock patterns with black or gold. Just make sure you get a wallpaper with the right blend of texture and patterns.

Keep the Lighting Soft

The lighting of a bedroom adds to its allure. Low-intensity lighting is the best form of lighting for your Goth-themed bedroom. The soft lighting throws a soft glow on the colors in the bedroom and accentuates the décor. There is a certain brand of lightbulbs that glow like chandeliers and provide soft lighting. You might want to get some of them. 

Allow the Colors to Work for You

Everyone associates Goth culture with black. That's all right when you are dealing with clothes. It's different when living spaces and walls are involved. You see, the darker the colors you use in a room, the smaller the room appears. This means that you should be more aware of the colors you use in your bedroom. Find a way to blend dark colors like royal purple, dark shades of blue, and burgundy with black. However, you must remember to add a wall with a lighter hue. 

Get a Gothic-Themed Mirror

A gothic mirror will be a great addition to your bedroom this spring. Depending on the look you hope to achieve, you could opt for a lavishly designed one like a gold-framed mirror, for instance. Or you could go for a black mirror with matching candle holders.

Use Classy Fabrics 

You should incorporate some classy fabrics when looking to arrive at a Goth-themed bedroom. For example, you could use velvet for the curtains; just make sure they are heavy and high enough. Try using silk or satin for the bedding and pillows. Whatever fabric you choose, ensure that they come in bold colors, patterns, and textures. Try to keep the fabrics in the bedroom bold and glamorous.

Goth Your Bed with Skull-Patterned Designs

The main attraction in the bedroom is your bed. So you want to make it look as Gothic as possible. Instead of using bold colors, you could opt for bedding that has skull-patterned pillowcases and floral designs.


Interestingly, you do not have to break the bank to pull this off. Neither do you have to hire professionals (except you want to). The bedroom décor ideas described above are just as easy as they are affordable. You can check out our online store for your skull-patterned beddings and other items for your bedroom décor. A fascinating experience awaits you.

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