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6 Insightful Tips to Create a Gothic Haven in Your Bedroom

6 Insightful Tips to Create a Gothic Haven in Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is one of the most important areas of a house. This is where you relax and sleep, resting from the hustles and bustles of the day. For this reason, it is understandable to make it look welcoming and comforting. There are many decorative styles for your bedroom.

If you want to create a bedroom space that exudes mystery and romance, the gothic design is your best bet. However, pulling off a gothic haven in your bedroom requires incorporating certain design elements. Here are tips to help you create a gothic haven in your bedroom.

Use Dark or Gray Paints

Dark or gray colors are synonymous with a gothic feel. Dark or gray color paints make your room look gothic. You should note that the darker the color the less spacious your bedroom will appear. Use a color that has a lighter accent to help you achieve the desired gothic theme.

Choose the Right Furniture

Incorporating gothic bedroom furniture is necessary if you want to pull off this look. Furniture with intricate carvings, made from dark and rich ebony mahogany or Cherrywood will make for a gothic haven in your bedroom. An oversized four-poster bed, a chest of drawers with ornate details, and matching bedside tables will transform your room into a romance and mystical haven.

Rich Linens

Another tip to create a gothic haven in your bedroom is to use rich linens. For your bedroom to look gothic means it has to appear opulent. Keep the gothic ambiances going with opulent linens. Your four-poster bed covered in velvet duvet or collection plush pillows covered in satin will give you the romantic clime you desire.


Plants have a role to play when it comes to bringing the gothic decorative style into your bedroom. Not just any flower. It will be best to consider quality silk flowers for this. Flowers such as orchids, lilies, and roses will add romantic feels to your bedroom.

Area Rugs

You must have seen gothic bedrooms on televisions and movies. In those gothic bedrooms that you have seen there is always a decorative element commonly seen in them; area rugs. Choose a unique area rug to sit beneath the foot of the bed. Its color has to match the colors of other gothic decorative elements.

Gothic Related Artwork

To complement other gothic-inspired decorative elements, hand gothic-themed artworks on your bedroom wall. Go for an artwork that its color and design blend seamlessly with the rest of the space.

There you have it! Above are some tips to create a gothic haven in your bedroom. Incorporating a gothic decorative style is a wonderful option to consider if you are a romantic. These tips above will help you bring the middle ages right into your bedroom. These insightful tips will help you create a bedroom that is relaxing, aesthetically rich, romantic, and will help you have amazing rests. Check out our online store today for your home & décor accessories, including skull beddings, skull pillows, and more.

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