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6 Popular Clothing Elements All Goth Girls Love

6 Popular Clothing Elements All Goth Girls Love

Posted by Skull Flow on

Goth girls all share a need to explore the darker aspects of fashion and style. That is why regardless of the part of the world where they are from, you’ll find the following clothing elements in their wardrobes. 

Doll Collar

The dog collar is fast becoming a popular clothing element among Goth girls because of the different styles that it comes in. Whether it is the rustic retro style, the plaid patterns, or the plain white styles, there is a range of options to pick from, with each option matching the look you are trying to pull off.

There are different designs to the dog collars, too, so that Goth girls get to choose from the pointed collar to the multilayer so that they get to wear something that matches the shape of their faces.


Girls love shiny stuff, so shiny sequin elements are becoming a big deal for Goth girls these days. That is why you will find a lot of them using accessories with as many sequins as possible. Some have even opted for shoes with some sequins on them. 

Pewter Rings

Pewter rings are a staple clothing element for Goth girls because they can be anything they want them to be. These rings could come with dark symbols or gem-encrusted skulls, depending on the Goth style or the fashion message. The best part of pewter rings is that they make other clothing items look better.


Now, these are so popular that you are bound to find several corsets of different colors in the wardrobes of most Goth girls. They are popular because of the stylish aspect and comfort that they lend to Goth outfits. Unlike their Victorian predecessors, the modern corset comes in jumpsuits, suspenders, and even tube tops, just as it comes in various materials and colors. The black corset is particularly popular because of the way it blends with other Gothic clothing items.

Leather Jackets 

It is rare to find a Goth girl without a leather jacket because most Goth girls have more than one leather jacket and the reason is simple. Leather jackets are comfortable and come in various styles. The differences in styles make them a flexible clothing item that you could use for a range of Gothic outfits. Leather jackets are great with Tee-shirts, hoodies, dress shirts, and even combat boots. They make everything look good.

Black Leggings

The black leggings are another clothing item that is a staple for Goth girls because they can be used for just about any outfit or occasion, from a hangout at the bar to a college classroom. They are popular because they are comfortable, stylish, and dependable.

There you have it! Above are some popular clothing elements all goth girls love. Part of being a goth lady is exploring the darker aspect of fashion and style. Your goth clothing, including the doll collar, sequins, pewter rings, corsets, leather jackets, and black leggings, are among the essential goth clothing you must have.

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