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6 Tips for Women on Alternative/Gothic Fashion

6 Tips for Women on Alternative/Gothic Fashion

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Fashion is constantly evolving. From the Victorian era to the present day the fashion industry has seen a slew of fashion style changes. One of the trending fashion styles and an alternative to the cherry and colorful fashion is gothic fashion. The Gothic fashion is enticing owing to the mystical and dark feel attached to it. These are gothic persuasions that lure people into embracing it.

When choosing a Gothic style, one is not always faced with an easy task. Gothic fashion is a complicated fashion style such that if care is not taken one can make a hash of it all. To enable you to get into the Gothic fashion trend with ease we have written this post. Go and read and find out new ways to blend with the Gothic subculture.  

Get Into Leather

Leather is a go-to fashion item to connect with the Gothic appearance. To get into the Gothic trend make sure that you acquire a leather jacket, Top, or leather pants. For a dramatic feel, pair leather pants with a black top, jewelry pieces, and boots. A black leather jacket will serve immensely at giving you a Gothic outlook.

Stick to Black

When it comes to gothic fashion black is the preferred color. Remember that gothic fashion is about exuding mystery. Black is the ideal color choice to help you achieve this. You can experiment with other colors such as deep emerald green and oxblood.

Hair Color

Gone are the days when you have to have jet black hair before you will be able to come off as gothic. There are other color choices you can play with such as pink, ombre, and more. Make sure that they go together with other gothic fashion assemblies.


Gothic accessories provide you with a smart choice to kick up your gothic appearance up a notch. There are different gothic accessories to try out. A Gothic necklace, earrings, wristwatch, and bracelets are good to accentuate your gothic look. Team them up with a black handbag and you're good to go.


Your bottoms play a huge role in determining how gothic you appear. Black pants and skirts with black stockings go well together to give off the desired Gothic effect. You can deviate from this gothic fashion norm and try on a black jumper, denim shorts, peplums, and drapes.


For gothic fashion, there are various footwear choices to experiment with and get the look you want. From ankle boots to stilettos are excellent choices. To appear more mysterious, you can pair your boots with spikes and buckles. Make sure that the footwear complements the Gothic clothing to appear looking awkward.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips for women on gothic fashion. Keep in mind that gothic fashion doesn't mean you have to appear too dark and scary. For women, these tips above will assist them to look at Gothic and fashionable. Follow these tips and wear the gothic to anywhere you want like you were born for it. Check out our online store today to get your gothic clothing, jewelry, and accessories. An amazing experience awaits you.

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