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6 Tips to Gain Confidence in Your Gothic Style

6 Tips to Gain Confidence in Your Gothic Style

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The Gothic fashion subculture is a sum of self-expression and subversion of traditional fashion trends. That is why it can be a bit tricky. The fact is you need a lot of confidence to pull off a Gothic ensemble with aplomb. So here are 6 tips to boost your confidence in your style.

Get A Signature Style

The essence of the Gothic style is uniqueness. So although you'd stick to the general Gothic approach to fashion: dark clothing, "crazy" hairstyles, and whatnot, you might want to create a signature style that sets you apart from the rest. It might be the way you wear your hat or your preference for specific shoes. It's all up to you.  So look for one of the numerous Gothic styles out there and own it in a way no one else can.

Remember Your Body Type 

We all have different body types and shapes as Goths. Thankfully, the Gothic subculture provides room for experimentation. Let your Gothic style reflect your unique body shape. Focus on your best features as you work out ways to customize your outfit to match your body. The idea is to feel comfortable in what you wear. Bear that in mind when choosing outfits.

Always Be Certain

You never want to step out feeling like there is something wrong with part of your outfit. Always be sure of what you want to wear. If possible, have a second and third opinion from other Goths. Once you feel the slightest bit of doubt, change your outfit. Confidence is an internal thing; if you feel uncertain about what you wear, you will lack confidence in the outfit.

 Work With Your Best Colours 

The default Gothic color is black, right? However, your skin tone might not work well with black. What to do? Play around with other dark colors until you get something that suits your skin tone. There is always room for experimentation with the Gothic fashion style, so what stops you from opting for other colors besides black?

Take Your Time When Dressing Up 

Most times, we dress up in a rush to get, so we don't even take the time to get the outfit right. In such situations putting on anything works, but there is a downside to that approach. You'd rarely have the time to do all over the planning and experimentation that often leads to a great outfit.

 Have The Right Support Cast 

It would help if you had the right circle of friends around you. They should be the type to let you know when you are wearing something tacky and offer solutions. Their opinions and suggestions will always help you wear a Gothic outfit that rocks!


There you have it! Above are some tips to gain confidence in your gothic style. You never have to feel less confident about your Gothic-style again. Use the tips you just read about and watch your confidence soar. Check out our online store today to choose a gothic outfit, skull clothing, and accessories that can help improve your gothic style as well as your confidence.

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