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6 Tips to Unleash Your Goth Sense of Style

6 Tips to Unleash Your Goth Sense of Style

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The classy gothic fashion style is now worn more than before in the streets. Have you seen Rihanna pull off the mysterious gothic look? The good girl gone bad in a fashion shoot in 2013 rocked a blend of black and sexy outfit. For many, the most interesting aspect of the gothic trend is the edgy and mysterious feel it gives off.

But what are the ways you can see your inner gothic sense of style on the loose? Being a gothic fashion enthusiast is more than you think. Continue reading this article to find out below.

Put on Neutral Colors

Being a classy goth is not limited to wearing black colored outfits. You can add muted and neutral colors to your palette. Try throwing in olive green, mauve, or burgundy into the color scheme and you will see yourself take your goth style to a new level.

Rock Victorian Hairstyles

Classy gothic fashion style is about combining vintage looks with the contemporary gothic subculture. For example, style your hair in a Victorian hairstyle like French twists, buns, and braids. You can also dye your hair black or subtle colors.

Apply Dark Makeup

Remember that appearing classy goth is about exuding a dark and mysterious feel. One of the ways of achieving this is by applying dark and elegant makeup. Use mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow to put emphasis on the eyes and lips. Smear your lips with black, pale, or purple lipsticks.

Accessorize with Goth Accessories

A subtle way to goth up your style is to use layers of light accessories. This includes black wristwatches, skull bags, skull embroidered shirts, hats, drape chockers, and more. Black rings and studded bracelets are also some accessories you can wear to make yourself appear gothic and classy.

Put on Goth Tops

Adorn your closet with goth tops such as leather corsets, leather jackets, coats, and blouses. These tops are geared to help you make a vintage statement, which is inevitably tied to the gothic fashion style. You can team them up with matching outfits you have in your wardrobe.

Wear Clothing Made of High-Quality Material

Appearing goth does not mean wearing just any kind of clothing material. The material has to be made of top quality and of vintage make. Wear lacy and light fabrics. For women, wear long organza skirts and tulle skirts. For men, cool hoodies and black boots will do.

There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to unleash your goth sense of style. To be able to bring out the gothic fashion style in you, it is crucial that you think outside the norm. However, ensure to keep your goth dressing to a minimum. This is to ensure that the accessories you are wearing do its job effectively in showing how gothic you can get.

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