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6 Trending Fall Coats Inspired by Stylish Celebrities

6 Trending Fall Coats Inspired by Stylish Celebrities

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The fall season is unofficially the "season of the coat" because just about everyone steps out in style wearing a coat. As it is every fall, you’d find various designs and types of fall coats everywhere you go. The reason is that fall coats have a way of spicing up outfits and giving you multiple dressing options.

In this post, we will be looking at some great-looking, trendy fall coats inspired by some of your favorite celebrities. You are sure to find a coat or two that suits your style if you read this article till the end. Read on to discover more! 

The Teddy Coat

In case you haven't noticed, teddy coats have this "wow" factor about them that makes them a must-have in your wardrobe this fall. For one, they offer a nice, snuggly fit that makes them great for most of your outfits. Secondly, they are made from shearling, which gives them a "chic," cute look. Thirdly, you could wear it to just about any place: bar crawls, work, dinner dates, or even the movies.

The Classic Long Coat 

If you are a movie buff, you will notice one common denominator in most spy flicks: the classic long coat. There is a reason why it is featured in so many movies: it never really goes out of fashion. It is a great option to explore this fall season because it keeps you warm while making you look good at the same time. The best about this fall coat is that it is an excellent combination of sophistication and simplicity. Plus, you can easily combine it with just about any other fashion item that you can find: sweaters, dresses, and even hoodies. 

The Menswear-Inspired Coat

One great thing about modern fashion is that the lines between male and female fashion items are gradually being blurred. So you could make the most of this by adding plaid or double-breasted wool coats to your fall coat collection. No one would be the wiser whenever you opt to rock one of these men's coats. You just need to choose the right fashion items that can help you pull off the look.

Gothic Jacket

Now, this is one coat that you must have in your wardrobe this fall. The beauty of the Gothic jacket is that it comes in a range of designs and materials like cotton, leather, or polyester. So if you are into Goth fashion, you can explore any punk raves, biker jackets, gothic leather, denim, witchcraft jackets, and trench coats. You will look absolutely fabulous. 

The Puffer Coat

The Puffer coat makes an excellent fit for those crisp days that are part of the fall season. It also comes in muted hues with silhouette looks and a laid-back look, which is probably why celebrities like Ariana Grande(among others)love rocking them. You could never go wrong with a puffer coat this fall.

Goth British Double Breasted Wool Blend Men Pea Coat Jacket 

Here is another coat you want to explore if you are big on exploring the power look this fall. Its slim fit makes it as stylish as coats come. Plus, the polyester and fleece will keep you warm on those cold outdoor nights. This coat is one of those coats that you can wear just about anywhere work, parties, or even travel.


Any of the fall coats described in this article will make you look like a celebrity any time you step out this fall season. Just settle for one that suits your style. Checkout our online store today for your gothic jackets and vests.

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