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6 Ways to Achieve a Gothic-Inspired Home Décor

6 Ways to Achieve a Gothic-Inspired Home Décor

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When people hear of gothic, their mind goes to gloomy, haunted, and sinister images. Gothic homes are from these perceptions. Gothic-inspired home decorations are an architectural development that dates back to the 1970s. It is a home decoration that has found its way into the modern age.

The gothic home comes with ornate and exotic elements. If you desire a home that is elegant with opulent details, go for the gothic-inspired decoration. To achieve this kind of home décor, there are some steps to adhere to. Continue reading this article to find out.

Lancet Windows

Lancet windows are integral elements of gothic homes. They are tall, narrow, and mainly made of stained glass. This architectural motif is found in churches and medieval homes. They are ancient windows that conjure up a gothic ambiance when installed in your home. It is an amazing piece of artwork installed

Add Lighting Using Candles

You must have seen old castles in movies. What is their main source of lighting up the interior? Candles are the lighting source. Heavy wood carved or wrought iron candlesticks are used to add lighting, elegance, and a Victorian feel to the rooms. Consider getting creative with this method of lighting. Think about having a wrought-iron chandelier placed in your entryway or place well-carved lamps at the side table.


When it comes to the choice of color to add to your home to make it appear gothic, black is the preferable choice. Although black is a good idea for a gothic-themed décor, its excessive use can make your home appear dark and haunted. Find some rich and elegant dark color that makes your mansion look attractive and welcoming. Keep the dark color balanced with furniture and brick materials having different color shades.


High-quality fabrics are an inextricable part of every gothic home. The general impression they give is elegance and grandeur. When choosing fabrics to decorate your home with for a gothic feel go for satin, silk, and velvet. Silk or velvet is good for curtains while satin works well for bed and pillows.


If you desire to add elegance and texture to your gothic home, consider going for moldings. A good example is having molded panels on the walls. Moldings are amazing for gothic homes as they do a great job of reinforcing how intricate they are.


The kind of drapery design you use for your home determines how gothic it gets. For a home with a gothic décor, it is recommended that you go for long and heavy drape panels. This is because they present a grand and sophisticated atmosphere, a feature commonly seen in gothic houses.

There you have it! Above are some tips to achieve a gothic-inspired home décor. If you desire a home of opulent elegance, a gothic home décor may be ideal for you. Thankfully, the gothic-inspired home décor tips mentioned above can help you achieve that. Check out our gothic home decor selection for the very best in unique or custom home décor items and accessories. A wonderful experience awaits you!

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