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A Guide To Goth: The Dark Side Of Fashion

A Guide To Goth: The Dark Side Of Fashion

Posted by Skull Flow on

The goth fashion is one big pile of heavy makeup and black clothing with different subsets of the goth culture. This style has their own unique looks, musical choices, personal tastes and a special focus on classic literature. In this article, we'll help you to classify the types of goth styles out there and guide you towards your best fit.

Classic/Deathrock Style

When people picture a goth, they think about classic or Deathrock style. This style actually started in the UK in the early 80's as the punk began to fizzle out. The goth scene had dark hair in very punk styles like torn fishnets, mohawks, and mostly black clothing.

Both men and women tend to be more covered up while this style of goth attracts some of the more sexualized aspects of fashion like sexy corsets and bondage belts. Women's style often consists of a mesh top or long-sleeved net, layered over with a tank top and a leather jacket. For men, the style is simple; usually, a pair of snug bondage-style jeans and a band shirt, layered with a dark coat.

Industrial/Rivet Style

The Industrial or Rivet goth is a post-apocalyptic take on fashion. This style reflects in cloth that is mostly black, occasionally with silver, red, and grey. The Industrial scenes are down where technology is hard to find, and life is hard.

For women, the goth style is similar to Cyber, but the colors are usually all black and red. Men outfit trends to the aggressive look, with multi-pocket cargo pants displaying frequently.

Pastel/Glitter Style

Other styles often look down this category, as they don't seem to fit in aesthetically. This style is a mixture of the anime-like kawaii and lolita fashion with the foundation of classic goth.

This style seems to be dominated by women. The clothing tends towards doll-like short dresses and corsets with hair extensions and colorful wigs. The outfit can be all bright and black and can be mixed with pops of color. There is no reason not to give this style a try.

Victorian/Vamp Style

This goths style draw the inspiration from the late 1800's, favoring the clothing worn during the mourning period after someone died.

The clothing usually features long skirts and dresses for women with a bustle, but black corsets aren't uncommon. The hair and makeup tend to be simple, with clean lines being favored. The Vamp subset utilizes this style points.

Steampunk Style

Steampunk is relatively new to the goth scene, but they fit in just fine. This style embraces a different aspect, and the color palette varies from the usual goth scene, with many outfits employing the browns, ivory, greens, and bronze color.

Men are seen with cravats, vests, and trousers, though on occasion jodhpurs are worn. Women wear hitched upskirts or bloomer-style trousers with strappy belts, Victorian corsets, and button-down tops.


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