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Colors That Complement Black Clothing

Colors That Complement Black Clothing

Posted by Skull Flow on

Being a Goth means there are possibilities that your wardrobe will contain predominantly black clothes. Sometimes, you may want to add a bit of extra color to your outfits, but you need to keep in mind that choosing the perfect color that matches your black outfit is what sets you apart. So how do you complement your black clothes? Below, we'll take you through a variety of colors that will excite and enhance your black wears.

Purple goes with black

Purple is a great color that can be added to most outfits, including black. However, you need to use the purple color far less in your outfit because it's a vibrant color. You can add purple broach if you are wearing either a suit jacket or a blazer to make a bold statement. Another option is to add a bit of Jewelry. A necklace with a purple pendant or simple hair beads would work well.

Red goes well with black

Mixing dark or light red can also help a lot. You can wear a netted top, maybe one with a lot of chains or metal links on it, and you can have a red t-shirt on underneath, allowing the red to break out from the holes in it. You can add deep red, eye-catching clothing items with a simple thing coming from your neckline, breaking up the front of your outfit. Adding a red tie or scarf is also a great way to help break out your outfits.

Silver also matches black

Another fabulous statement you can make alongside your black clothing is to load up on silver. Many Goth looks include the usage of chains, for example, the simple waist chain. Therefore, a simple bit of silver can be added using a necklace or broach. You can also get black leather (or faux-leather) bracelets that have silver elements in them. On the other hand, you can go for something simple, or do something completely different like plain chains on your wrists.

In summary

Keep in mind that choosing the right color should be like second nature for those who want to dress well. All-black outfits might be flattering for anyone's shape or tone, but a bit of color never hurt. The main key to a successful outfit is finding the right balance between all the shades, hues, and tints.

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