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Fall 2021: 5 Gothic Fashion Trends to Know

Fall 2021: 5 Gothic Fashion Trends to Know

Posted by Skull Flow on

The Fall season can be cold, and many folks often let that affect the way they dress. But you know what? That doesn’t have to be you. You are a Goth, remember. You can still pull off that Gothic look while staying warm and all. To pull that off, here are 5 Gothic Fashion Trends to know for the Fall season in 2021.

The Signature Jacket

This is an obvious one. You want to get a great jacket that screams Goth! But be mindful about overdoing it. The idea is to get something that matches your unique Goth style, one that you don't want to look odd in. You will never go wrong with the black leather jacket but try to pay attention to the jacket's cut and fit. You might also want to experiment with other stuff like trench coats or plaid coats. The style is in the wearing, so get something you can own when you put it on.

Good Old Boots

These never really go out of fashion. So you can never go wrong with boots(preferably black leather). Whether it's the spiked heel, platform boots, chunky black leather boots or the regular functional boots, the boot will be rocking the fashion circuits come fall 2021. Just be sure to get a pair that suits your Goth style and the occasion, of course. Don’t be afraid to play with colors as long as you manage to pull off the right look. 

Experimenting With Layers and Textures

Fall is the transition season into winter, so things will get colder at a point. People put on layers of clothing to keep them warm, but these extra layers can be used for style. Combining different or "mismatched" clothing is one fashion statement that you will find among Goths this fall. There will also be experimentation with different materials against what "regular" fashion dictates. Say something like a cotton dress with a velvet coat or denim on fishnets.

Innovative Combinations of Dresses, Skirts and Leggings

Rare combinations of these clothing items are trendy and a great fashion statement if you can manage to pull it off. Dresses or skirts plus leggings is an example. Another combo is a leather jacket over a tunic dress and a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of boots.

Great  Accessories

The slightly colder weather will give you license to use certain accessories like scarves, mufflers, gloves and hats. Having the right accessories that complete whatever look you are trying to pull off is a great idea. So ensure that all the accessories you pick go together. Your Gothic jewelry has to blend with other accessories like scarves and hats.


There you have it! Above are some gothic fashion trends for the Fall season. Fall is often regarded as one of the best fashion seasons. If you are looking to partake in the gothic fashion trend, you should consider the above. Check our online collection today to choose the right goth clothing and accessories that will update your goth style and looks.

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