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Five Gothic Home Decorations For Thanksgiving 

Five Gothic Home Decorations For Thanksgiving 

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The holidays are a few weeks away, and everyone is getting ready to make the day great for themselves. If you have a non-traditional family that wants to celebrate the popular holiday, you can still entertain them without risking your gothic lifestyle. The tips included here will give you the perfect gothic idea for Thanksgiving. 

Don’t Forget The Candelabra 

Candelabra is a plural word for Candelabrum. It is a fancy name to describe a branched candlestick that has space to hold many candles. There are many ways to create dark candlesticks.

An excellent example involves purchasing any branched candelabra that you like and spray painting it black. Then, include dark candles and add some chained pieces of jewelry to the setup. The piece of jewelry will bring a touch of elegance to everything.

Alternatively, you can create the same effect by stockpiling various glass bottles. Then, spray, paint the mat black, and place white candles on them. As the candles melt, the wax runs down the bottles. Thus, it makes the bottle look creepy and cool at the same time. 

Dolls Are Always Creepy

Dolls are excellent materials that bring an instant creepy feeling. They don’t need any additional gore to look scary, especially the vintage porcelain ones. You can purchase them at a thrift store and place them together on a shelf to stare at guests as they arrive for Thanksgiving.

In addition, you can spray them with little elbow grease to get rid of their eyeballs for the sake of everyone's peace of mind. It is an excellent way to add Gothic charm to your house.

You can use porcelain dolls, monster high dolls to increase the Gothic feeling in your home during the holidays. Also, most Mattel dolls are cheap, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of decorating your home for the holidays. But you need the patience to get the best out of the doll to ensure you get the perfect gothic home décor for Thanksgiving. 

Goodwill and Black Spray Paint Are Crucial

You can search for old ornate frames or find something else to refurbish your home and make it more Gothic. At Goodwill, you will always find inexpensive and old goth material. Most Goths like to have history things – old chairs, animal skulls, shelves from the old crumbled houses. These will improve the Gothic feeling in your home because they will tell a rich story. Therefore, it is best to visit a thrift store and find things you love. Then make them more gothic by painting them black.

Bring In the Flowers 

Whether dead or alive, flowers are essential for any home decoration. All you need to do is tie a bundle of withering flowers and hang them upside down on your walls.

Select a Color Scheme

You don’t have to make everything all black. It will make the decoration boring. Select a combination of colors that go well together. For example, black and red or black and purple are dark colors that make your home perfect for goth. 


Thanksgiving Day is a great time to share with friends and families. However, you don’t have to change your lifestyle because of it. There are incredible simple home decorations that work perfectly for your home. Check out our gothic home decor selection for the very best in unique or custom home décor items and accessories for your home this Thanksgiving and holiday season. A wonderful experience awaits you!

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