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Goth Fashion: Female Gothic Items That Males Gothic Can Wear

Goth Fashion: Female Gothic Items That Males Gothic Can Wear

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A gothic have the right to wear whatever he or she feels like wearing. No rule states that you can't wear a particular goth outfit in other context and there’s nothing like an outfit has to work for a specific group of people. Putting on ladies wears can look great on you as a guy. So, take note of these five female gothic items that male gothic can wear.

1. Chokers

A male goth choker doesn’t have to be a sophisticated design of hooks, rings, spikes, and leather straps. A man can create a great look with a simple piece of string around the neck, a pendant, and some beads. A male goth can wear a full style S&M choker if he is into that side of the culture.

2. Makeup

Do you know that until 16th-century men wear more makeup than women? There is nothing wrong with guys wearing a bit of black nail varnish, or even some heavy makeup. Being a woman doesn’t give you any more right than being a man, so men have the same rights to wear whatever they want to wear on their face. Using some black eyeshadow on your lids won’t make you look less as a male. In fact, this will give some men a great, sexy, hot look.

3.    Hair Beads

Hair beads are not just for ladies with extra long matted hair or dreadlocks. Beads can look very good on the right kind of longhaired man. There are various types of beads available on the market these days than just butterflies and bright fluorescent colors.

4.    Skirts

A man is referred to as kilts when they wear skit, but within the goth community, a man can get away with this. As a man, you will be surprised when you put on a skirt and discover how good you look in it. There is a broad range of different gothic kilts available for sale at Skullflow that are incredibly masculine, and quite deadly if you are planning to get one.

5.    Sunglasses

Sunglasses help shield our eyes from debris, dirt, and harmful UV rays and reduce eyestrain when you are outdoors. Guys can wear ladies' sunglasses because it has slight differences. Women’s sunglasses are usually smaller in frame or lens, which may be ideal for guys who have smaller heads.

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