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Gothic Clothing: 6 Top Tips to Build a Goth Wardrobe

Gothic Clothing: 6 Top Tips to Build a Goth Wardrobe

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Are you looking to update your goth outfit and looks? Gothic fashion is all about going off the mainstream clothing and indulging in mysterious elements of style that are aesthetically pleasing. The idea is to be yourself while putting aside traditional expectations. But to look Gothic you have to have some gothic essentials in your wardrobe. Here are some tips to build a goth wardrobe.  


One shoe that you will ever need to conjure up a gothic appearance is a good looking pair of combat boots. They can be high heeled or studded heels. They are comfy and always augur well with other gothic ensembles. The trick here is to look mysterious and fashionable.


The kind of cloth one wears is a huge determinant of how well their gothic fashion style turns out. Keep an eye out for T-shirts with skull prints. In the Victorian era, skulls were worn while mourning. Clothing with a mournful symbol will do just great to make you look gothic. Black leggings and hoodies are perfect too for a goth wardrobe. They are simple, classy, and suitable for any occasion. A zip-up hoodie should be a preferable option because of how strikingly stylish it is.


Do you know that fashion accessories can help you complete a gothic look? There are accessories that will help you make a gothic fashion statement. One of such accessories is studded bracelets. The wristband can be of any color but make sure that the color chosen blends with other accessories of your outfit.

Leather Jackets

If you want to have a proper gothic wardrobe, you have to invest in leather jackets. Plain black leather jackets are nice because they are comfortable and complements any gothic appearance. It is not just black leather jackets that you can wear. Go for other colors that will complement other gothic fashion accessories.


Makeup is an important wardrobe element to create a dramatic gothic look. There are a bunch of cosmetics you can invest in such as lipstick, eyeliner, pale face powder, fake eyelashes, etc to appear gothic. You can go online and look up gothic makeup styles.

Black Corsets

Corsets are one of the ancient fashion accessories. These are not Victorian corsets but loose corsets that are comfortable and stylish to wear. Corsets define the shape of your waist. Dark color corsets are preferable if you want to pull off a gothic appearance to perfection. A bit of lace is required in the ensemble.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to build a goth wardrobe. When you think about having a gothic wardrobe you can look at these tips above. We hope that this post has helped you when it comes to building a goth wardrobe. Experiment with these tips until you find the right goth fashion style that you want.

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