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Gothic Clothing - Fashion Apparel for Unique Look

Gothic Clothing - Fashion Apparel for Unique Look

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Goth clothing is easily recognizable anywhere in the world with its telltale dark, muted colors. While a majority of these colors are black, they include other variants like purple, deep red, and green. Every item that is part of a goth attire, from dresses to gloves, eye-liners, and lip-colors are in these dark colors.

The gothic clothing style is inspired from the Elizabethans, Punks, and Victorians. In earlier times, it was simple and graceful; it featured tight sleeves, long dresses, and deep necklines. Over the years, however, it has evolved and grown into what we have today.

Types of Goth Clothing

Every form of goth today is inspired from the classic or traditional gothic subculture that approved of dark, creative, and mysterious items. There are different types of Goth clothing; some of them are mentioned below:

Classic or Traditional Goth Clothing

The traditional goth style, which includes black makeup, piercings, big hair, and dark, occultic images, among others, is a big part of Goth style history. This style is the most popular and accessible; its items are available in dark chain stores.

The problem with this type lies in packing your hair and making sure your makeup looks original. To achieve it, don basic items of black clothing and accentuate them with a few pieces of occultic jewelry.

Cyber Goth Clothing

This goth style is primarily concerned with the future. It is most appropriate for trance, techno music, and dance rock as it incorporates bright neon colors. Some of cyber goth’s clothing items are goggles, circuit board style lines, and robotic prints. You can create your own look by sewing neon cording to metallic leggings.

Romantic Goth Clothing

Romance goth clothing is what you get when you combine traditional goth clothing with images in romance books. Romantic goths basically wear clothing items inspired by Victorian fashion style. For instance, they wear gowns, bows, laces, corsets, and frock coats. To pull this off, wear dark-colored formal outfits and high fashion pieces. Alternatively, wear wear a corset or tight pants with ruffles and puffy sleeves.

Modern Goth Clothing

This goth clothing style combines both the Western magic tradition and Victorian romanticism. It is quite similar to the traditional variant of goth clothing, except it features a simple overall style and modern cuts. Modern goth clothing uses mostly black colors and is also mostly unisex.

Vintage Goth Clothing

Vintage goths wear clothing and accessories that were trendy in the early twentieth century, although in dark colors. Each item of this clothing style pays homage to the old period whilst embracing the darkness associated with being goth. You can find a lot of vintage goth clothing items in thrift stores and antique shops. All you have to do is choose one decade and wear really dark apparels from the era.

It is important to note that your gothic style enables you to express your personality to the world. While the culture is not mainstream, it is something to be proud of. Also, even though there are markers for different styles, you can put your own twist on whatever you decide to wear and make it uniquely yours. Check our online store today to choose the right goth outfits and accessories for your style. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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