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Gothic Fashion: 5 Ways To Be More Stylish 

Gothic Fashion: 5 Ways To Be More Stylish 

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Gothic fashion is meant for brave and bold people to express their dark, weird, and mysterious but elegant look. The style makes you stand out in a crowd. The gothic style involves selecting, molding, and combining things to create your style and appear amazing and unique when used in the right way. The article will discuss ways to look more stylish as a Goth.

Be a Part of the Gothic Trend 

Gothic style revolves around the color black. A conventional gothic outfit includes clothes, shoes, and make up all in black. But, some darker colors can come in a gothic fashion, such as royal purple, powerful reds to highlight features and curves.

Since black is more recognizable in gothic fashion, your outfit should be a tee, bottom, eyewear, shoes with intense smoky makeup all in black. There are no exact rules for gothic fashion. So you can start with the most straightforward style that makes you feel comfortable.

Style Your Hair In Gothic Fashion 

If you don't have jet black hair or have a full hair color like brown, it is time to dye it. Jet black is the most recognized base color for a gothic appearance. 

However, you can add another intense bright color. With any of these colors, you can add a little sparkle to your gothic appearance. It would appear contrasting, especially when you wear a completely black outfit. You can try some unique hairstyles for your gothic appearance too.

Generate Gothic Makeup 

The use of black lipstick is a timeless practice in gothic fashion. Alternatively, you can wear a dark purplish tone or maroon color lipstick to bring balance to your all-black outfit. But, if you have dyed your hair to a bright color, black lipstick can give you a gothic look you desire.

Although black is the obvious color choice for gothic fashion, you can add dusty grey or deep reds for smokey eye makeup. In addition, using black eyeliners, blue or brown, and contoured cheeks are part of goth-inspired makeup.

Slay With Goth Tops 

At the moment, there are many options for goth-style tops. The corset or corset-style top is an excellent choice to make you more stylish. Also, a black graphic top combined with a corset belt will underline your gothic appearance.

You can try blouses, coats, tops and statement shirts. A complete body garter will make you a sexually spelling goth girl. Hoods are excellent for dressing up goth.

Invest Goth Style Bottoms And Boots 

Black knee-high stockings with a frill skirt will make up the classic goth appeal. A plaid or flannel skirt is an intelligent way to switch the blackness of gothic fashion well.

But, the summer months allow you to show a bit more skin. You can include black fishnet tights or stockings for an erotic but gothic look. During the winter, you can purchase leather stockings to have that cool gothic look. You can also wear black socks with shorts. 


Gothic fashion never gets old. So you can appear in it every day for the rest of your life. There are no rules to the fashion style, but you can look more stylish if you incorporate some of the ideas we discussed in the article. At Skullflow, we offer you trendy goth outfits, including gothic clothing, shoes, pants, hoodies, caps, corsets, and more. Check our online store today to choose the right goth outfits and accessories for your style. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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