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Gothic Fashion Trends to Expect In 2022

Gothic Fashion Trends to Expect In 2022

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Black has never truly fallen out of trend to return into fashion; however, in 2021, the color was seen everywhere, including kitchens to baby outfits. It’s only natural that color will reign supreme in 2022 and become the year’s hottest trend. 

According to Pinterest, there is still a lot to look forward to in 2022. The visual discovery engine and social media biz recently published its yearly report, which outlines the top “not-yet-trending” gothic themes to look forward to in 2022. Their predictions for the future year have piqued our interest. From this year’s Pinterest Predicts report, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite fashions for 2022.

Here, we’re highlighting some of our favorite beauty and fashion trends from this year’s Pinterest Predicts report. We also provided some of our own styling tips for each one. Given that 80 percent of the company’s forecasts came true last year, we’re guessing you’ll see a lot of these trends in the coming months.

Cuts Made By Rebels

By 2021, Pinterest thinks that soft layers and bangs will be outdated. Buzzcuts, undercut hairstyles, and short mohawk fashions are all likely to be popular in 2022, thanks to rebel culture.

Leather Strapless

A leather strapless may make a black lace blouse look enticing, as Goth chicks know. You’ll have no issue buying a wide leather corset belt to give sparkle to your daytime outfits next year. Leather may also be spotted on blazer sleeves and cuffs, as well as some really striking outerwear styles; this is the year to embrace the glamorous appearance and luxurious experience of black leather if you haven’t already.

Gothic Asian Style

All of the anime heroines are becoming fashion stars and role models for young girls. This year, Asian gothic accents graced the red carpet, and the trend is predicted to continue in 2022. Think of the designer Proenza Schouler’s tough-girl collection. It has a ceremonial feel, with martial inspirations and a great deal of precision in the stylized patterns. If the idea of a little Asian art with your basic black pieces sounds good, expand your historical horizons and integrate some classic Asian influences into your gothic dressing.


Capes will be trendy in 2022 if you can handle the drama. Many are short and flowy, while some are big, structured, and lengthy; this is something else you’ll appreciate: Capes and other outerwear with leather details are trendy. Some designs appear more contemporary and fitted as a result of this, while others appear more Victorian. 

Accentuated Eyebrows

You know how important it is to ramp up your eyes, but don’t skip about your brows while you’re highlighting and enhancing your upper and lower eyelids. On the runways, we’re starting to see a lot of brow embellishment in the form of sparkles, sequins, and tiny crystals. Bold brows add drama to any outfit, especially when paired with black hair and monochromatic clothing. If you don’t already have a full set of piercings, consider getting some eyebrow adornments.


Cut-outs are expected to be a major trend next year. It’s already been spotted on runways and red carpets; this is a fantastic callback to the popular Y2K look and an easy way to be seductive. With asymmetrical tight shirts, silky short gowns, and pants, draw ideas from designers like Stella McCartney and Jacquemus this season. You can pair them with other skin-tight pieces like a leather skirt or flared pants.

There you have it! Above are some stylish gothic fashion trends to expect in 2022. Every year, new styles and modes of dressing are introduced into the gothic fashion world. From Rebel Culture cuts to leather strapless, Gothic Asian style, capes, and more, there are lots of exciting new ideas to anticipate in 2022.

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