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A wallet is a small, flat case to store your most prized possessions. It would be a shame to get all dressed up in a gothic way but not having a great wallet to go along with it. Everything about you needs to be on point when it comes to the goth fashion.

However, you can't just match up any wallet with your meticulous outfit. You need the best gothic & skull wallets to have a perfect gothic look. If you are in search of a Goth-style, or a skull wallet, then this post is for you. Let's get started.

1. Plain Black Gothic Wallet with Cross

This type of wallet is perfect if you have different cards to store. This wallet is an adorable slimline wallet to keep your belongings secure. It’s mostly come in rectangular form, ideal if you tend to have more notes on you. 

2. Leather skull wallet

This traditional style wallet has skulls on each side. This wallet is available in different color, and it's a good choice if you want a stylish wallet, but still wants to keep the familiarity of a regular wallet shape and size.

3. Steampunk Skull and Cross Wallet

This wallet has a quite bold looking gothic look. What is particularly interesting with this wallet is how the metal details are done in bronze and silver. This wallet doesn’t come with a chain, and it does contain a ring for you to attach your own string.

4. Snakeskin Style Metal Studded Wallet

This wallet has a faux snakeskin with studs and metal hardware on it. It is a standard shape wallet, with enough room for a few cards and notes. This means that it might not be as awkward to get used to as other.

5.    Black Metal Cross Gothic Wallet

This wallet has plenty of room inside, so you won’t have to worry about storage space. What set this type of wallet apart is how well the chain was integrated with the wallet.

In summary

Don’t leave your gothic fashion behind. Stay work appropriate with a simple studded gothic wallet. You can use these wallets for a special occasion like a party or wedding, and even every day. These wallets are guaranteed to be unique from what you can shop for at any other store.

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