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It's summertime again, and many gothic women out there are starting to panic about what they are going to do as the temperature rises and the cloudy and grey skies that they have become so accustomed to disappear. However, there are plenty of ways most gothic women can show their 'spooky' side without making too many changes to their wardrobe, or buying many new things. Below we outline some items you should consider wearing during the summer months.

1. Netted Tops

Thin-netted tops are clothes you should start wearing during the summer. The light fabric in these netted tops gives room for cooling breezes. It's not necessary you go for black when picking out netted tops. Red or purple are perfect colors that makes you looking gothic in warm and hot weather.

2. Short Skirts

The best time to flaunt your legs a bit is the summer time. Therefore, the hot weather is not an excuse if anyone calls you out. Look through your wardrobe, and bring out those short skirts that you don't usually wear.

3. Smaller Boots

Summer is an excellent time to start thinking about alternative footwear if you are the kind of person that usually wears knee-high boots. You can beat the heat and carry on living life comfortably by wearing smaller shoes.

4. Vest Tops

Vest tops are not only for men. Women can also add it to their wardrobe. You can wear a fitted light vest top during the summer months. Black, purple, red, and white colors are all perfect to look out for.

5. Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights can keep you cool during the summer months for those who don't like to go out with bare leg. These tights have different-sized holes catering to every type of weather and to keep you extra cool.

6. Robes and Cloaks

Investing in great robes and cloaks could be the thing you need this summer if you like having outer layers on whatever clothes you put one. Your body will get as much fresh air as it needs by wearing robe or cloak.

7. Get a Parasol

Parasol is one fantastic thing you can add to your summer outfits, which will not only give you an amazingly cool gothic fashion piece but will also help you block out the sun. The parasol is ideal for almost every outfit although it is best to wear a parasol along with long dresses, or vaguely Victorian looking top.


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