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How to Dress Goth for Halloween

How to Dress Goth for Halloween

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Halloween is the best time of year for those who have a prominent dark side. The weather is not only more suited to wear dark clothing, but it is also the right time to start out if you are just embracing the Gothic subculture. If you are looking for ideas on how to dress goth for Halloween, continue reading this article.

1. Black pieces of clothing

Black clothes are almost the most significant part of a Goth costume. Black is the favorite color of the Gothic if you are just embracing the Gothic subculture and looking forward to getting into the Halloween spirit, look for black clothes to make your costume: shirts, dresses, trousers, and skirts, etc.

You will find a lot of stores that offer Goth clothes. However, if you follow the subculture closely, you will know that you can also combine other colors like red and purple in your clothing. Lace and Velvet are the most praised clothes in the Gothic subculture, so you can make your Halloween costume from these materials.

2. Dark makeup and hair

Dark makeup and hair are also important alongside black clothes. To give your skin a pallid touch when preparing for Halloween, you can use a facial foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. This will be perfect with some black eye makeup because the darker the makeup, the better. You can also paint your lips black or use other dark colors such as deep red or purple, as well as your nails.

In addition, you can complement your outfit with black or very dark hair. You can also add strands of a different color, such as purple, red, or white, to give a different touch and create a more contrast look.

3. Complete your outfit

You may want to add a more provocative touch to your Halloween costume. To do this, wear fishnet stockings, whether those that mimic skulls or traditional ones that are perfect for your outfit. If you want to make your costume sexier while retaining the Gothic appealing, wear a corset that improves your figure. Other clothing items that can add more provocative tough to your Halloween costume include long or layer coats.

4. Footwear

Both creepers and boots are vital to the gothic wardrobe. Look for a pair of boots decorated with belts or lack-up boots to match the aesthetic of the Halloween costume. You could also wear black motorcycle boots as they are part of the gothic fashion. And huge strictly black platform boots are a sure bet.

5. Consider sinister jewelry

Bracelets, pendants, rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, and any other sinister jewelry items you can imagine. There are a lot of sinister motifs and Gothic accessories that will perfectly be suitable for your costumes, such as spiders, skulls, snakes, pentagrams, and several others. Moreover, you can make it more interesting by wearing jewelry that has innocent shapes such as flowers or hearts, even better when it is in black.

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