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How To Find Goths People In Your Area

How To Find Goths People In Your Area

Posted by Skull Flow on

It might be challenging to find like-mind people to hang out with when you first get into the Goth way of life. Although, the Gothic community is well known for being open, warm and friendly, but how do you find them? Below are tips to help you find Goth people around you whether your style is emo, punk, Goth, rock, or metal, you will find someone to match your own brand of individualism.

1. Online dating websites

Using dating websites such as,, and many others is one of the best ways to find gothic people around you. Many of these sites are set up to allow you to search for the exact kind of people you’re looking for. Just search using Goth keywords and start messaging people to make friends.

2. Facebook groups

 Facebook is also another place to find gothic people around you. The search box at the top isn’t just meant to look at people’s profile. You can type in search terms, plus your city name, to look at groups in your local area. Click on “See all search results for…” after you have typed in your search term and then you can select groups at the top.

3. Set up your own group

 Another great option would be to set up your own group if you can’t find anything in your area. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for this. Once you have set up the group, you should start getting some suggestion. For instance, Facebook will need you to do a bit of your own work, such posting links to different gothic website and groups for your local state.

4. Go to events

Going to music events is another great way to make friends with those in the community. In fact, this is one of the best ways to have an instant jump-start to your social life. From there, you can find a gothic friend. As we said earlier, the Goth Community is typically warm and friendly; this means that you will have no problems making friends.

In summary

It might be hard to make friend with goths in real life since they have their social circle, but If you dream of getting familiarized with goths and making friends with people around you, then it’s time for you to follow the tips above.


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