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How To Have A Pastel Goth Look

How To Have A Pastel Goth Look

Posted by Skull Flow on

When we think of gothic culture and style, we do think of darkness and moodiness. When we think of pastel hues, we do think of femininity and lightness. Hence, it's hard to imagine the two coming together to form one style. Pastel goth also called "goth lite" and "new goth" is a relatively new trend, which appears to have come to stay. This style involves taking the essential elements of goth style and adding hair, clothing, and makeup colors in pastel hues. However, if you ever wanted to be pastel goth, we'll walk you through the steps of achieving it.

 The Closet

 Going through your closet and decide, which items will work and which ones will not is a crucial step when it comes to choosing clothes that will work with your pastel goth style. Denim items and skinny jeans in basic black or lighter hues can be a great piece to create a pastel goth ensemble. A pair of black leather jacket or boots is two great items to have in your wardrobe.

The hair

There are no major rules when it comes to choosing hairstyles that go with a pastel goth aesthetic. Get creative with your hair! Choose colors like lavender, mint green, light pink, and baby blue. Some go for darker purples, and royal blues and they also rock. You can make your hair short or long. You could also try wigs and get a stunning gothic pastel look if you want to change it up.

The Makeup

Pastel goth ladies have different approaches to their makeup look. Black or purple lipsticks with heavily lined unibrows, thick false eyelashes, and thick eyeliners are an acceptable gothic makeup touch if achieving a more feminine look. Some match eyebrows with their eyeshadow colors while others pair their eyeshadow with their hair color. You don't need to go to that fancy makeup store at the mall, pick up a few eyeshadow colors in pastel hues and play around them before deciding what looks perfect on your face.

The Accessorize

Accessories are essential to the pastel goth style, as it allows you to add unique color to a cute darken outfit. Hair accessories are some of the common accessories seen in goth style. A bow in your hair will look fashionable and add to the contrast of cute vs. dark styles. Gothic necklaces, chunky or beaded bracelets, and rings are also very popular with the pastel goth style.

The Style

Pastel goth is a fantastic style that allows you to express your dark side in an ethereal, unique and stunning way. Goth clothes with inverted cross, shirts or sweaters with large cryptic, spooky quotes or bleeding fonts makes an amazing Pastel goth style. The options for ensembles, hair and makeup looks are limitless. So why don't you experiment this pastel goth style? We recommend visiting the if you are looking to buy pastel goth accessories & clothing.


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