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Important Things Every Summer Goths Should Know

Important Things Every Summer Goths Should Know

Posted by Skull Flow on

For goths, a hot summer can be challenging. And there are things you need to know if you're goth in the summertime plus we have added some tips to ensure yours remain comfortable, yet gloomy.

Makeup Can Be Rough and Broken

Nothing can compare to the devastating effect of having three tons of perfectly placed slaps run down your cheeks and pool over your favorite black velvet top. Aww, sad. We're talking about more than just messy eyeliner here.

Band Tee Shirt Can Be a Lifesaver

T-shirts can be the only practical solution for looking good even when the temperature outside is a freaking high. Gray or black anyone that rocks your boat can do the magic.

Applying Sunscreen Can Be Time-consuming

You apply sunscreen and wait for it to dry, but by the time the sun has set or your friends have left.

Nose Piercings and Hay Fever Don't Get Along

We are sure you've wondered how in the world your sneezes manage to unhook the ball closing rings. To be fair, bogeys that cling to metal aren't exactly eye-popping attractive, either.

Soaked Hair Dyes Can Wash Off Your Hair Color and Leave You All Soggy and Sunken

You experience all those drips down your face, ears, and over your pillow. It's not a pretty experience.

Getting An Undercut Can Sometimes Really Be Your Only Choice.

This is quite understandable. When things become a little too hot, it's a relief to be able to throw open the locks.

People Will Assume The Worst When You Wear Dark Clothes.

It's almost always awkward when people assume you lost someone and are attending a funeral when you're not.

You Face Crazy Questions 

You will be met with countless mocking comments. Even when you wear the lightest black skirt you own, you would still hear things like "you should get dressed for summer".

Important Summertime Goth Care Tips

Here are some vital summertime care tips for every goth enthusiast:

Be prepared 

Keeping your goth alive during periods of bright sunshine will need some planning. Use thick blackout drapes and make ventilation holes on its top cap. Replace its bulky winter coat with one with a lower tog rating, otherwise, your goth will whither. And we don't want that.

Hang out

Keep your goth indoors as much as possible, but if you must take them somewhere, take them to a place where they will fit right in with the other goths who are also there for some to explore their dark sides. 

Getting Hydrated

Goat's blood, dark wines, or Guinness are essential for all goths to stay hydrated. Vegan goths can drink water but avoid "fun" water sources such as splashing them from a paddling pool. The rain is tolerable since it brings a gloomy mood.

Nourishing your goth self

It is critical to keep your goth out of the sun to avoid food loss due to perspiration. To make their bacon and eggs look more appetizing, some goths may dye them black with food dye.


Substitute a chest freezer for the coffin and play Cradle of Filth on repeat if your goth is starting to show signs of smiling and shedding its pale cover. So long as it hibernates around the time of the fall equinox, it will have plenty of time to change its appearance for the Halloween season. Check our online store today to choose the right summer goth outfits and accessories for your style. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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