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Men Hoodies: How to Wear a Hoodie with Gothic Style

Men Hoodies: How to Wear a Hoodie with Gothic Style

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It is hard not to see a hoodie in our wardrobes. Whether it is a pullover or zip-up, hoodies are staple wears because of the comfort and warmth it offers. It is however fashionable to add some gothic style to your hoodie outfit. With just a few assemblies of accessories and other wears you can incorporate the amazing gothic style into your appearance. If you are looking for how to wear men hoodies with gothic style, continue reading this article.

Add Black Pieces of Clothing

The black color is known as the major color theme of the gothic outfit. Invest in lots of outfits that have black as their main color. Outfits such as pants, socks, shoes, and more that are black will easily team up with your hoodie to help you give off a gothic impression.

Go for Hoodies with Graphic Prints

For a stylish and sophisticated goth look, you can go for hoodies with graphic prints. Wears with graphic prints are a staple for gothic fashion. Go for hoodies embroidered with stars, moons, skulls, and pentagrams pattern. If you are wearing a moon printed hoodie, you can accessorize with moon-shaped jewelry so that you can appear gothic.

Wear Black T-shirts

Black T-shirts are a great piece of wear to have in your wardrobe especially if you want to achieve gothic fashion. To appear gothic, opt for oversized T-shirts and wear them with zip-up hoodies as this will enable you to appear fashionable and gothic. You can also wear boots.

Wear Hats or Beanies

To achieve a gothic fashion style easily, you need to throw in dark hats or beanies into your hoodie outfit.  For the basic gothic style, beanies are a popular choice. You can wear dark beanies with skull prints or the Leather Badass Skull Cap. Regardless of the hard or beanie you choose to wear, you will find yourself exuding the gothic aesthetics.

Wear Wristbands

Wristbands are fashion accessories that blend well with any outfit, especially casual outfits. It can go with long-sleeved or short-sleeved hoodies. Keep an eye out for wristbands with shape prints and one whose colors suit the color of the hoodie you are wearing.

Get a Nice Haircut

The hairstyle you are rocking factors in determining how gothic your fashion can be. Haircuts including Mohawks and undercuts are nice masculine haircuts to make you appear gothic wearing a hoodie. It is best that you do not apply a hair spray if you want to appear as gothic as possible.

There you have it! These are the possible ways to wear a hoodie with a gothic style. You can take inspiration from them and start looking at all gothic with your hoodie on. Which one of them piques your interest? Go for them now and style your hoodie outfit into your personal taste. Visit our online store today for your men’s hoodies, T-shirt, caps, and other accessories to create the perfect gothic style and outfit. An amazing experience awaits you.

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