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Myths and Truth about the Gothic Fashion

Myths and Truth about the Gothic Fashion

Posted by Skull Flow on

People are generally afraid of what they don’t understand. And when most people don’t understand a particular concept, misinformation about it will abound. Many people do not understand or appreciate gothic fashion. Many believe and spread many myths about goth that even those who have accepted the lifestyle start believing these myths. Here, we will briefly discuss a few myths and truths about gothic fashion: 

Goths Are Satanists

This is one of the ridiculous myths about goths. Because of the way some dress and the symbols they love, people erroneously assert that goths are Satanists. There is no link between gothic fashion/lifestyle and Satanism. There is no link with any kind of religious organization or belief system. Goth is a way of life that challenges what people consider normal, and there is nothing satanic about that. 

All Goths Are Pale

This is another baseless myth that makes people question if they can really embrace the goth lifestyle. While there is a bit of truth to some stereotypes, it is wrong to conclude that all goths are pale. Many try to emulate the undead look, but many other goths don't go for such impractical looks. It is all about what you feel comfortable doing and how you feel comfortable to appear. Goths are not judgmental about looks.

Goths Do Drugs

Another ridiculous myth that casts goths in a bad light; there is no link between being goth and doing drugs. Just like other groups of humans, some goths do drugs and illegal substances. This doesn't mean everyone who subscribes to the lifestyle is into drugs. If we can be realistic, most junkies are not goths, and most a majority of goths are not drug addicts. You can embrace the goth lifestyle without touching any kind of drug ever.

Goths Are Rude

Goths are not rude. They are simply confident people who refuse to be confined by societal expectations. It is true that some goths may choose to be alone sometimes, this doesn't make them rude. Sometimes, they just don't want to be involved in unnecessary arguments. They choose their friends carefully and will not be swayed to conform to what everyone considers ideal. Another funny thing about this myth is that people who believe and spread it are actually individuals who discriminate against goths.

Goths Dress the Same and Listen to the Same Kind of Music

People have different ideas of how goths dressed as well as the kind of music they listen to. In most instances, these stereotypes are not necessarily true. You don’t have to wear black all the time or listen to the same kind of music as any other person. Most goths avoid warm colors, and every one of them has their music choices. 

There are several other unfounded theories about goths and what they believe. Most information spread by people who do not embrace the goth lifestyle are false. You don’t have to comply with stereotypes as a goth. Just do what works for you.

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