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Body piercing has become a popular trend all over the world today. Both men and women have started taking up this act. People get pierced because of different reason. Some get pierced because of the aesthetic choice while others love the experience of getting them done.

However, body piercing is part of Gothic fashion, but their own style of piercing are distinguished due to their distinct style of dressing. Gothic piercing comes in different type and getting pierced in that way is sure to enhance your overall Gothic look. Below are different types of gothic piercing.

1. The Ear Tunnels

The most common type of gothic piercing, ear tunnel is when you stretch your earlobe out slightly. Ear tunnel is done on all areas of the ears including the cartilage and lobe. Regular piercing is carried out on your ear, and then a taper is used to stretch out the ear.

2. The Labret Piercing

This type of piercing appears between the chin and the lips. This piercings can be wild and swing between the most subtle to the most obvious. This type can give you a complete gothic look.

3. The Spider Bite

The Spider Bite is similar to Labret Piercing. It sometimes called a Double Hoop Lip Piercing. This one is on the lips, but at the far end on the corners. You can use balled studs for spider bite as well as series of rings.

4. The Septum

This piercing also is known as nostril piercing dates back to the ancient civilizations and was most prevalent in Native America. Septum piercing is position at the base of the nose on the narrow divider of the skin. This type sits inside of the nose.

5.    The Medusa Piercing

This piercing is also known as “Philtrum piercing. It sits on the ridge of the mouth, between the nose and the lips. This type uses a simple ball, but a small spike is always possible. Probably not best seen on mustached guys.

6.    The Bridge Piercing

This type of piercing sits at the top of the nose right between the eyes. You can do this type of piercing using surface piercing so that you can quickly eject the ring from your body.

7.    The Eyebrow Piercing

 Eyebrow piercing made its entry in the 1970s. This type of piercing is a unisex approach and is seen mostly in American societies. One can try different tiny pieces of jewelry with pierced eyebrows.

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