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Tattoos Healing Process: What To Wear

Tattoos Healing Process: What To Wear

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Getting a tattoo is a fantastic feeling, but it's important to realize that the healing process does not end when the artist drops the needle; it only ends when the tattoo is fully healed. The moment you decide to get tattoos should be the moment you start thinking about the healing process. Tattooed skin must be protected from harmful outside bacteria and must be able to regenerate itself back to full health after the damage has been done to the skin.

 There are a lot of different theories and ideas as to what is the best method of aftercare for your tattoo. Fortunately, most tattoo shops will give you an aftercare guide to make sure you know what you're up against. Therefore, no matter how forgetful you are, you have no excuse not to look after your new ink. The outfits you wear during your healing process should be chosen based on the location of your tattoo. In this article, we have some tips for you on what to wear during your tattoos healing process.

Wear Short Tops

Wearing short tops makes sense if you are getting a tattoo on your arm. This is an excellent option from the initial time when getting the tattoo to your everyday life. Short tops do not only allows your arms and hands to be free as you heal but also make sense in crazy hot summer.

Don't Wear Tight Cloth

 Avoid wearing very tight clothing that might contact the tattoo for few weeks and avoid sleeping on your tattoo, so that you don't prolong the healing process. It's time to ditch the super skinny jeans in exchange for denim shorts to wear during your healing process. Other pieces that will help your tattoo breathe in a more formal setting include full-legged trousers, long gothic maxi skirt, cotton shorts or bikini bottoms.

Don't Ignore The Sunray

Sun exposure can severely mess with your tattoo causing all sorts of problems such as scaring, lightening of the art, and uneven healing according to tattoo culture site Skin Artist, so avoid those rays during the entire healing process. You should be wearing some brand of SPF always if you care about your skin.

The Maxi Dress

The maxi summer dress is the type of cloth you can practically live in whether your tattoo is on your legs, lower back, upper back, midriff, or neck. A maxi dress is super-versatile, and the overall comfort level is favored among edgy fashionistas from a strapless style to long-sleeve style. You can wear this unique dress over your swimsuit on the beach or under a blazer for work after you heal.

The Shoe or Sandal

The biggest challenge is how to keep your new foot tattoo protected. You must consider the location of your tattoo before figuring out which type of shoe or sandal will aid your healing process the best. Be sure to check your dress code and see if others are wearing sandals or shoes of some sort.


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