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The Five Most Iconic Goth Outfits

The Five Most Iconic Goth Outfits

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The Gothic fashion culture has made tremendous progress over the years, gaining more popularity as time goes on. We can attribute the Gothic fashion culture's rise to the British post-punk scenes that had fans dressing in leather jackets, boots, extravagant hair-styles, and dark makeup. Fans attempting to look more like their badass musician stars gave the style life of its own.

Now, let's explore the fascinating side by exchanging our normal outfits for something skittish! They're a couple of ways to pull off an authentic Gothic collection. Celebrities like Lana del ray, Billie ellish, and Angelina Jolie have all rocked the Goth look too. Here are some of the best Gothic clothing outfits you can try for yourself:

Corporate Goth

Who says you can't combine your love for Goth aesthetics with your corporate career? Looking at regular workplace casual outfits, you might think the corporate and goths cultures are exclusive mutually — but in reality, they are not. Many Goth lovers excel in their corporate careers while maintaining their sense of gothic identity.  These types of people are known as "corp goths"; they present a clear contrast to the traditional standards of workplace outfits. Corp goths have proven over the years that their styles are not just youthful exuberance. Black skirts, black trousers and lace blouse combined with old and antique accessories helps to pull of a Gothic look.Be more creative and mysterious as you wish, but take it slow.

Punk Goth

The punk culture still lives on — alive and active in the Gothic fashion scenery! The modern punk outfits feature a more relaxed approach to conventional Gothic tastes with plaid clothing, lace-up boots, leather coats and jackets, and studded accessories.


Steampunk fashion evolved from the steampunk culture in science fiction. Steampunk is a mixture of the classical era's view of science and literature with elements from a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Steampunk outfits in the modern era mostly include shirts with a variety of designs and normal jeans fitted with gun holsters and belts.

Vintage Goth

The Gothic community takes lots of inspiration from history for a community considered to be dark and mysterious. Glam it up like a gothic 1910s damsel with vintage fabric and tiny feathered hats! Use more subtle makeup, usually red lipstick instead of black.

Gothic Lolita

The term 'Lolita' refers to a young-looking female. The Gothic Lolita is a style of Lolita influenced by the more traditional Victorian-era Goth style. The style was popularized by Japanese fashionistas who compare its innocent appeal with not-so-subtle themes of death.


Who knew we could mix our Gothic spirit with our corporate life? You've seen some outfits that the Goth culture has to offer, now you're ready to get imaginative. As against popular opinion, deciding to go Goth isn't as terrifying as people make it, so don't hesitate to mix up your style and assume you're a steampunk — it's all part of the culture. Skullflow offers you chic and stylish skull clothing, jewelry and other goth accessories to unleash your goth sense of style. Check out our online store today to choose something that matches your style.

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