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Top 5 Best Goth Clothing for World Goth Day 2022

Top 5 Best Goth Clothing for World Goth Day 2022

Posted by Skull Flow on

The World's Goth Day is officially here. Let loose your inner Goth today plus it's the best time to use dark nail polish. This year's World Goth Day, which falls on May 22nd, coincides perfectly with the recent blitz of gorgeous Gothic-inspired red carpet outfits... think Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, and Kristen Stewart's recent red carpet appearances. If you'd like to channel your inner Goth. Today is the day to do just that!

For the first World Goth Day in 2009, BBC6 Music hosted a weekend of music subcultures; the Goth highlight was on May 22nd and has since become a global celebration with its website and hashtag. If there's a hashtag, you know it's important. So, even though it's sunny outside, we've decided to paint our nails black in celebration of World Goth Day. If you're looking for some goth inspiration today, here are some outfits you can try.

Lace Dress

A gothic lace dress may sound simple to pull off, but there are a lot of subtle details that go into creating a gothic aesthetic. There are various ways you can accessorize or style your hair to give it an edgy look. For example, to switch a plain lace dress into gothic, you can add sheer lace gloves, black or silver pearls, dark-themed makeup, and leggings if needed.

College Girl Gothic outfit

Your regular clothing can be used to create the school girl goth style. A white shirt, tie, sweatshirt over a white shirt, miniskirt, or shorts with fishnets leggings are the most typical items needed to dress in this style. Adding a high boot and some black makeup to the mix completes the look. Of course, if you're feeling very daring, you may go for a darker shirt instead of white.

Street Gothic Style

You can pull off an urban gothic appearance by wearing dark denim, jean trouser, an eye-catching graphic tee shirt, or a leather jacket. All of this looks great with black leather gloves, straight colored hair, and bright lip color. With this appearance, you're sure to get some attention! Incorporating a touch of exotic or elegance into your street style will give your casual outfit a sense of fashion.


To participate in World Goth Day, you can wear a black corset over a white blouse, a skirt, and some fishnet stockings. To pull this style off, you don't need to go crazy with your accessories. A simple neckpiece would do wonders. Corsets are one of a girl's essential clothing since it not only gives off an elegant appearance but also draw attention to her waist and flatter her figure to the fullest degree possible.


The gothic celebration outfit would be incomplete without fishnets. With little effort, fishnets add a gypsy vibe to your clothing, and you can wear them on everything. Shorts, jeans, skirts, and everything else you can think of can be paired perfectly with fishnets. Heels, boots, or even sandals are all appropriate options while wearing them. A fishnet can also be a subtle nod to gothic style if you don't want to go all-out for your goth appearance.

How To Participate In World Goth Day

World Goth's Day is a popular time for gothic parties, fashion exhibitions, and concerts. If you would like to take part in this day, here are ways to participate:

  • Start with reading Gothic literature, like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Dracula.
  • Dress Goth.
  • Play Goth Music
  • Watch movies with Goth characters e.g Beetlejuice 
  • Throw a gothic-themed party

World Goth Day can be celebrated in various ways, so spread the celebration by using the hashtag on your social media pages. Skullflow offers you trendy skull clothing, jewelry and other goth accessories to complement your goth outfit as you celebrate World Goth Day. Check out our online store today to choose something that matches your style.

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