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Top 5 Must-Have Ornaments for Gothic Bedroom Decor

Top 5 Must-Have Ornaments for Gothic Bedroom Decor

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Your Gothic bedroom decor gets easier when you pay close attention to the smaller details. It's these little touches that give your decor a sense of authenticity. The details begin with the type and style of ornaments used in your bedroom decoration. Below are five must-have ornaments for your Gothic bedroom decor:


Candles and the holders are important in your gothic bedroom decor. As they bring a mysterious and romantic sense of feeling to your bedroom. Candleholders can be hung on the walls; candles can just be kept on the furniture owing on your style. Candles are known to add a relaxing and inviting outlook to space. You can choose candles that are black, white, red, or milk-colored to add a romantic look to the room. You can also consider using candles and holders with bold patterns and/or a special design.

Gothic Mirror

Like your candles, mirrors can also bring that same mysterious and romantic sense of feeling to your bedroom. Mirrors are usually placed on the wall close to your bed, kept on a desk, or placed close to a piece of art. The design pattern of the mirror is important and should be given greater emphasis. The royal design, eerie design, and skull are examples of popular Gothic mirror designs. Dark, black, gold, and silver colors are the common choice of colors. Ensure you match the color of the mirror with the color of your bed or desk and the theme of your whole room.

Gothic Artwork

The type of artwork present in your room adds to the overall aesthetics of the whole room. Express your personality and desires with a little bit of art. Choose artworks with dark and eerie themes; paintings framed with prints are also common. Also, remember to keep your color pallet in mind and ensure it blends with the general theme of your room.


If you have a large room with an empty boring ceiling, installing a chandelier is a good option to use in your gothic bedroom decor. Your chandelier doesn't need to be large or glamorous, the size of your room should determine the type to use. The black-colored chandelier is most commonly used because it easily fits with other ornaments in the room. Position the chandelier at the center of your room and avoid placing it directly above your bed — which can be dangerous.

Bed Sheets and Pillows

Keeping the most important for last, the first thing you see first as you walk into your bedroom is your bed. The type of bed sheets and pillows you use has a great effect on the style of your room. They're quite a number of bed sheet pattern options that would give you that Gothic feeling to choose from — we have the skull, sugar skull, royal, and rose patterns. Black, dark, white, red, or grey colors see good options. Pillow choices are easier; pick a color that matches with everything else. Sugar Skulls bed sheet patterns are more popular and highly recommended.

There you have it! Above are some of the most important ornaments and items for your gothic bedroom décor. Add more style and panache to your bedroom today by turning it into a gothic themed bedroom. Check out our online store today for your home & décor accessories, including skull pillows, skull beddings, and so forth. A fantastic experience.

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