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Ways To Have A Gothic Valentine's Day

Ways To Have A Gothic Valentine's Day

Posted by Skull Flow on

It's Valentine time of the year again, and goths celebrate it as well. We are all the same people, made to celebrate life, and love between us, leave out the goths avanturistic fashion sense, dark and mysterious color pallet. We do love to love, despite the idea that our lives are dedicated to death, nihilism, or unhappiness. It is a general misconception that goths fancy solitude, but that is false – goths actually prefer the non-watered-down version of Valentine's Day. Being alone, or in solitude with your loved one is a much better, spiritual way of establishing and celebrating the connection to life.

There are ways you can celebrate this holiday whether your gothic heart is in love or you're single and really want to mingle. Spending the day with your partner or most precious friends is a brilliant concept, which everyone should nourish. Here are ways to have a gothic Valentine's Day that will leave your partner delighted.

Stroll to the Local Cemetery

Walking down to the cemetery can make very romantic Valentine's Day. You can even think of holding a séance at the cemetery and connect with some spirits together if you're brave enough. You can also talk about your dreams, hopes, and thoughts on love, life, and death at the cemetery. 

Go to a Concert

Consider checking out what metal or goth musicians will be performing in your area this Valentine's Day if you and your partner love music. A concert can be a fun way to let loose and enjoy the night with your loved one. If you're single, this is a great way to meet someone new.

Write Poetry for One Another

Write some poetry for your partner or hit up a local poetry reading. You can make a DIY homemade Valentine's Day card too. Valentine's day is the only time you can confess how you feel.

Visit a Psychic

Visit a local psychic for reading if you and your partner are thinking what the future has in store for you. You can consider asking the psychic to make predictions about your relationship, or you opt for private tarot card readings to know what your future holds.

Hit a Local Haunt

You can take a romantic walk or drive down the haunted road and check what's there. If there's any nearby inn where people swear is haunted, have the night rest there and see if any spirits try to connect with you or if you hear some weird noises in the night.

Visit a Local Murder Mystery Night

Attending a murder mystery night dinner this holiday or ride a murder mystery train if you want to have a fun mystery this Valentine. Many centers hold Valentine's Day themed murder mystery nights and this can make an entertaining date night at any time.

Play with an Ouija Board

Consider playing with an Ouija board if you and your partner are interested in making friends with the spirits. You can talk to the spirits and hear what they have to say if you're wondering about the future of your relationship. Ensure you set the mood right in the room with tapestries and candles.


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