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What Exactly Is Gothic Fashion Style?

What Exactly Is Gothic Fashion Style?

Posted by Angela zeng li hua on

Goth fashion is tied to the 18th and 19th century, and conspicuously dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogenous features mark the gothic style. This Gothic fashion is becoming an inspiration for other styles, which aren't goth. However, in this article, we want to give you a little more contexts about this subculture fashion and explain some items that are undoubtedly Gothic fashion staples. 

Gothic Fashion Style 

Goth fashion is distinguished by darkness, mystery, elegant wardrobe pieces and, smoky makeup even though it may surprise some that not all Goths always wear black. It's said that all Goths have the desire to stand out in a society considered too conformist. Typical Gothic fashion consists of dyed black hair, black fingernails, dark eyeliner, and black period-style clothing.

Several other fashions or fabrics pieces that are directly associated with Gothic fashion includes velvet, lace, leather, corsets or gloves, to name a few. One exciting aspect of this mysterious style is that it has numerous substyles under the same Goth umbrella. Sit back and enjoy as we dive in and take a look at some Goth fashion styles.

The Gothic Clothing 

Men or women who love to dress in Gothic fashion style make sure they have strictly crimson or black clothes in their wardrobes, cloaks or studs, ankle boots, and combat boots, corsets, and bustiers. Everything from the sturdy buckles, the imaginary lines, and the faux leather fabrics and beautiful satin also make an incredible combination of Gothic Style.

A goth can wear a crushed purple vest or velvet skirt, old-style high shoes, or black work boots along with ripped black T-shirts. Goths wore dark eye makeup, black nail polish, and black lipstick. As with the punks, tattoos and piercings were common among goths, and many people choose ancient Celtic designs.

How to Get Into the Gothic Fashion 

Getting into gothic fashion style may be challenging as it may require a lot of thorough studies, but if conceived correctly, it can look fabulous and extraordinary in the world of fashion. You can go with the style slowly as much as you feel comfortable so that you won't be criticized for the uneven changes.

You can use different hair accessories for more emphasis. You can opt to use multi-colored hair, but black color tends to be the favorite base color for this style. Wear at least one element of the gothic style on you, so that you can feel the fun and power of this style.


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