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What to Know About Your Gothic Teen

What to Know About Your Gothic Teen

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The gothic teen has been one of the most popular fashions and trends in the last few years. Gothic manifests in a particular type of music and fashion which shows a dark attitude and outlook on life. People usually look at the Gothic lifestyle as one of death and sadness, but that is not always the case.

Gothic teens are not as what most people think they are; they are teens who are free thinkers and want to separate themselves from the mainstream. If you’re raising a gothic teen and wants to understand his or her personality, the lifestyle, accessories, and overall fashion style may give you a better idea about your Gothic teen way of life. 

The Goth Lifestyle

Most people believe that every gothic teen is obsessed with the idea of dying and death. They are also found to be vampires and Satan worshippers. While some teens are interested in things like this, they are not all the same. In fact, there are lots of gothic teens that consider themselves to be Christians or have other religious belief.

As far as music goes, gothic teens are mostly punk rock lovers, but their musical interest is more extensive than that. In short, Gothic teens hold down jobs, and they pay their taxes just like everyone else.

Gothic Outfits

Gothic fashion is one of the unique characteristics of gothic teens. Even in the gothic subculture, individuality is accepted. Some teens are extreme in their fashion styles, and you can quickly identify them as gothic. However, others are more subtle, and they may only wear one to two Goth clothing items.

Black shirt, pants, and jackets are usually familiar outfits for gothic teens. It is vital to know that the Goth lifestyle has been in existence for many decades now. And there have been many changes in the world of fashion that has influenced the trends of Goth clothing. 

Gothic Hairstyles 

Hairstyles are also one of the trends that convey the ideal and attitudes mostly among gothic teens. Gothic hairstyles usually fall into two basic categories – short and long. Boys typically have longer hair while girls hair are more concise in Gothic teen hairstyle.

Some gothic teen rocks other types of hairstyle which makes them stand out from the crowd. Other even shave or cut short their hairs to fit in with the gothic look they are trying to portray.

Gothic Accessories

Due to Gothic fashion styles popularity, you can easily find the accessories both in local stores and online. Some websites offer a full line of gothic accessories, and you can also find Gothic clothing there. In addition to the black makeup and wardrobes that gothic teen wear, there are some other items they often add.

Skulls symbols are some of the most popular motifs you’ll find in gothic accessories. It comes in a variety of styles, something they are engraved on shirts, bracelets, or other forms of accessories. Another everyday accessory among gothic girls is the fishnet.

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  • my mother thinks that all goths are prostitutes/sluts and i dont know what to do to convince her otherwise, it seems like ive tried everything, she wont let me be myself and cant seem to accept that im a goth. she wont let me wear gothic clothe and she (of course) wont buy any, she also wont let me wear my black lipstick and all my other makeup, she thinks its ugly. she also thinks im worshipping satan even though i go to church with her and my dad every sunday, im still a babybat and im almost at the end of my rope. a litte help here?

    victoria on

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