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What to Wear For Spring: 5 Spring Gothic Outfit Ideas

What to Wear For Spring: 5 Spring Gothic Outfit Ideas

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Pulling off a great Gothic ensemble in spring-time can be quite challenging for even the most imaginative Goth. It's a struggle to look fashionable and comfortable with the regular Goth black when there are so many colors everywhere. Plus, the weather gets warmer, so you have to ditch some of your favorite clothing items. The good news is that you don’t need to fuss about your Goth look in spring-time. Here are five Spring Gothic outfit ideas for you.

Lolita Dresses 

It's spring-time, remember? So you can experiment with some colors too. The Lolita dress comes with some frills that look like large feathery flowers! With its little puffed sleeves, the right hairdo, and makeup, you can pull off an edgy and dramatic Goth look. The best part is that it comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Try pairing the black Lolita dress with some tights and the right footwear, and see how far that goes!


Boots are a staple of the Gothic fashion style, so they never go out of style. Heck, you can even wear them all year round if you know how to go about it.  It's spring-time, so you are allowed to experiment with the color and design of the boots. This time around, you can switch up your boot game with something different. Say you use the Lia with its pointy-toes instead of the good ol’ Creepers. There are different styles of boots and colors to choose from, so now you have the license to play with colors. 

Long stockings and Socks

If the weather is a bit too warm for leather, then it's a great time for long stockings, socks, and the occasional tights. It's warm after all, so now is the time to try pairing some of the coolest tights with those black skirts of yours. Experiment with as many designs and colors as you can: green, purple, and red vs. hearts, polka dots, and bows.

Some Hilarious T-Shirts

You could experiment with some comedic t-shirts. Try those with some dark comedic vibe to them. For example, you'd never go wrong with a dark t-shirt that is mixed with some references from dark pop culture on it. If you look real hard, you might even find some hand-printed tops too.

 Skull Jewelry and Some Accessories 

What's a Goth look without some Skull jewelry and accessories? We are pretty sure that you can find some pendants and bangles that would look good on you this spring-time. You could change things up with some glasses, hats, scarves, and such this spring. Now is the time to experiment with some colors. Just don't overdo things.

There you have it! Above are some amazing Gothic outfits to wear during spring. Spring-time does not have to tricky for your Goth style. Try some of these ideas and get your Goth groove on! Check out our online store today to purchase some goth clothing and accessories to maintain your vibe and look classy throughout the Spring season. An amazing experience awaits you!

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