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What Type Of Goth Should You Be?

What Type Of Goth Should You Be?

Posted by Skull Flow on

There are different types of goths with each having their own unique dressing style, and aesthetic. Some goths support period garments, and environmental music; while others wear unusual modern molds and move the night away to quick paced electronic music. So, which type of goth should you be?

Traditional Goths

These Goths were among the first to come to fruition. They began setting the scene in the 80’s with the music bunch. These type of goths listen to punk and guitar-based music from the 80s. Their fashion is taken into account with the look from the period, which was impacted by "Punk" – fishnets, calfskin coats, and piercings, substantial make-up, and massive hair.

Cyber Goths

Cyber Goths are all about the future. They like brilliant neon colors, revere futurism and listen to dance music that is as unique to Gothic Rock. Cyber Goths are known for their neon dreadlocks, or gas veils and goggles. Ultra-bright, colorful hair extensions, neon makeup, and dress are all part of the fun.

Romantic Goths

These type of Goths concentrate on dull and lovely things in life like dead roses, cemeteries lit by the moonlight, and ravens. They're known for their beautiful, elegant and lacey outfits, think corsets, frock coats, and long flowing gowns. Romantic Goths unique color is black; it's not common to see them in deep reds, blues, green, purple or orange.

Vampire Goths

Vampire Goths are Romantic Goths with teeth; they have been an exciting type of the Goth subculture for quite a while. They took care of their bodies as part to look like a creature of the night, gaunt and hollowed out. They're exceptionally inclined toward red wine, yet not all that enthused about garlic.

Hippie Goths

Hippie Goths are regularly veggie lovers or vegetarian and are committed Eco-warriors or every living creature's. They're interested in the world of the occult including Celtic, Wiccan, Druidic and many other ancient religions to name but a few. These sorts of Goths might be exceptionally keen on the mysterious or Earth religions like Pagan or Wicca. Average music for these sorts of Goths is Pagan Rock and people music.


J-Goth is also known as Gothic Lolita; a subculture emerged from Japan. These type of Goths have taken the Lolita style and given it a dark twist. It's common to see J-Goths wear a black asymmetric apron dress with Japanese detailing, which includes butterflies and flowers for a girly touch. They also carry beautiful and elaborate dolls, parasols and stuffed animals.

Tribal Goths

Belly dancing clothing characterizes the Tribal Goths. These Goths came to fruition when belly dancing got to be prevalent. Tribal Gothic mixes traditional belly dance garments and frill with Gothic themes. Groups that are known as Gothic Belly dancers incorporate more tribal pants and shirts covered in faux furs, wood or bone decorations are common, along with bone, stone, or wood pendants and sandals.


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